We Are Social

Case Study

The client

We are social SRL is an international agency specialized in the communication and social media sector. It boasts 16 offices around the world, for a total of 1100 employees. It collaborates with the biggest brands in the world, including Netflix, WWF, Lego, Ferrari, Lavazza and Guinness, applying effective and up-to-date communication strategies and embracing the different cultures and subcultures with which it interfaces. We are social’s approach to media and distribution is based, in fact, on cultural insights that translate into content that triggers conversations and changes behaviors.


The challenge

For almost two years, we have been collaborating with We are social, a client that has a clear objective: to create content that people want to share, interact with and feel part of. The translation of their advertising campaigns and editorial plans requires not only a deep knowledge of the sector’s vocabulary, but also flexibility, precision and timeliness. LingoYou, with its constant commitment and a team of specialized professionals, fully responds to these needs.


Since September 2021, once the needs and objectives of We are social were understood, LingoYou has presented a selection of native speaker translators who are experts in the communications sector. Our collaboration has strengthened month after month, always guaranteeing precision and professionalism. We offer translations from English to French, German and Spanish, ensuring a high quality service thanks to our vast network of over 20,000 professional translators, ready to respond to every need.








“Available and professional in meeting our needs. Punctual in delivering the translation work.”

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