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    Legal translations

    To be able to deal with the translation of legal documents, our translators have spent years studying and perfecting their skills.
    The legal sector can be very treacherous, because you need to know the right terms and the differences between one culture and another.

    We at LingoYou, an agency that has been translating official documents for years, ensure maximum fluidity in the translation and awareness in the choice of terms.

    We deal with the translation of witness statements, the translation of judicial documents, the translation of wills and the translation of sentences.
    Through a single platform, you can improve the quality of your documents and make sure they are understandable and easy to read.

    We can also take care of patent translation and registration, so that your projects get all the attention they deserve.




    Translation of hearings and official documents

    On LingoYou you will only find the best experts in legal documentation translation.

    Here are all our strengths. Find out what to ask for, rely on our translation of official documents:

    • translation of wills
    • translation of hearings
    • translation of sentences
    • translation of testimonial statements

    In just a few minutes you can request the help of experts in translating judicial documents, ensuring professionalism and safety.



    Client Retention

    Lingue più Richieste

    Di seguito qualche esempio delle lingue richieste più di frequente. Assicuriamo assistenza anche per tutte le altre lingue, quindi non esitare a richiedere un preventivo per  il tuo progetto.

    Traduzione udienze e documenti ufficiali

    Se stai cercando un servizio di traduzione documentazione legale, questo è il posto giusto.

    Oltre ad occuparci della traduzione e registrazione brevetti, offriamo diversi servizi di traduzione documenti ufficiali:

    • traduzione testamenti
    • traduzione udienze
    • traduzione sentenze
    • traduzione dichiarazioni testimoniali

    In pochi minuti potrai richiedere l’aiuto di esperti in traduzione documenti giudiziari, assicurandoti professionalità e sicurezza. 

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    At LingoYou, we work with a team of over 20,000 professional translators, capable of providing translations into more than 200 languages.

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