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Industrial and technological translations

Get precise translations for your industrial and technological documents and projects. Entrust the translation of technical manuals, product sheets, certifications and safety procedures to translators specialized in the industrial and technological sector.


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    We are proud of the companies we work with.

    Top companies from around the world turn to us when they want to engage global audiences in new markets. We are the leading choice for professional translations in over 200 languages, with more than 20,000 native speaking linguists.

    Technology and industrial sector translations

    In an increasingly globalized world, ambitious companies need high quality translations to break into international markets.

    The technological and industrial sector is complex and full of specific terminologies. This makes having accurate translations essential, especially when it comes to reaching audiences who speak a different language. That’s where LingoYou comes in.

    Our services include:

    • Industrial project translation: We ensure that every detail, from product data sheets to technical manuals, is translated accurately.
    • Safety certifications and procedures: We ensure that your certifications and procedures are understandable in every language, ensuring that customers and collaborators know how to act in every situation.
    • Engineering and maintenance manuals: Whether it’s technical specifications or operating instructions, we make this information accessible to everyone.

    With LingoYou, your documents go beyond translation: they become clear, relevant and tuned to the needs of your international audience.


    Our Strengths

    Consolidated experience

    Our translators have at least 10 years of experience in the translation field.

    Sectoral Specialization

    Our translators specialize in specific sectors. This ensures that the translation respects not only the language, but also the terminology and context of your industry.

    Complete language coverage

    We translate and layout in over 200 languages, to give your business communication clarity and relevance in every corner of the world.

    ISO – 9001 and ISO – 17100: 2017 certification

    Our projects comply with the highest international quality standards. With us your data is safe.







    Industrial Engineering Sector

    Specialized technical translations for industry for effective global communication

    Technical and engineering translations

    We offer technical and engineering translations for manuals, specifications and technical documentation of products and machinery, ensuring accuracy and consistency.


    Localization of instruction manuals for machinery

    Our instruction manual localization aims to simplify the use and installation of industrial products, ensuring clear understanding.


    Translations of patents and technical documentation

    Our translations of patents and technical documentation ensure the protection of innovation and intellectual property in international markets.


    Let’s Work Together!

    At LingoYou, we work with a team of over 20,000 professional translators, capable of providing translations into more than 200 languages.