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    Translations in the technological and industrial sectors

    Modern industries, companies that want to reach an international audience, need precise and effective translation services.

    The world of technology can be difficult to understand, especially for those who speak a different language. We at LingoYou, who know the differences between one language and another, take care of translating industrial projects for you.

    We take care of every aspect of the design, from the translation of product sheets to the translation of technical manuals, passing through the translation of certifications and the translation of safety procedures.

    Customers and collaborators will know how to behave at all times. We can even take care of the translation of engineering manuals and the translation of use and maintenance manuals.

    All your projects will get the attention they deserve, accessible to anyone.




    Translation of projects and translation of user manuals

    LingoYou offers its customers various industrial translation services, perfect for any business. Choose between:

    • translation of product sheets
    • translation of technical manuals
    • translation of safety procedures
    • translation of certifications

    In just a few minutes you will be able to request the help of the best interpreters, receiving in exchange complex translations of engineering manuals and industrial projects.



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    Lingue più Richieste

    Di seguito qualche esempio delle lingue richieste più di frequente. Assicuriamo assistenza anche per tutte le altre lingue, quindi non esitare a richiedere un preventivo per  il tuo progetto.

    Traduzione progetti e Traduzione manuali d'uso

    Con LingoYou puoi scegliere tra diversi servizi di traduzioni industriali, fino a trovare l’opzione più adatta alla tua impresa:

    • traduzione schede prodotto
    • traduzione manuali tecnici
    • traduzione procedure di sicurezza
    • traduzione certificazioni

    In pochi minuti potrai richiedere l’aiuto dei migliori interpreti, richiedendo complesse traduzioni di manuali di ingegneria.

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    At LingoYou, we work with a team of over 20,000 linguists who can provide translations in more than 200 languages.

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