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It is not enough for a text to be translated into a language other than the original to be translated well.
Our proofreading and translation services will provide you with accuracy and quality.


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    Translation proofreading service

    Our proofreading will exceed your expectations, as we work with the understanding that providing proofreading and translation services for companies is never as easy as it sounds.

    Every self-respecting translation job must undergo an accurate translation revision process, carried out by a professional translator with skills related to the type of text, the sector of reference, and the technical terminology.

    After a preliminary careful analysis of the accuracy of the translation, the reviser proceeds to correct any linguistic, lexical or stylistic errors, check the coherence and fluidity of the text and, only after further proofreading and checks, determines that the final product is ready for delivery.

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    Why should you choose our proofreading services?

    LingoYou’s linguists are selected from among the best translators and interpreters in order to guarantee the client a professional, high-quality proofreading service.
    Your text undergoes a thorough proofreading and translation process, with corrections of any typos, repetitions, omissions or typographical, layout, formatting, grammatical, orthographic, syntactical, lexical or stylistic errors.

    Only at the end of the proofreading and text optimization process will your translation be complete and ready for delivery.

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    We strive for excellence.

    Only the best professionals work with us.

    We have the experience and skills to ensure you always receive professional and quality service. We firmly believe in what we do and we put all our efforts in the service of the customer.

    Our agency grows every day with success thanks to a team of experts and concrete results.

    The satisfaction of our customers is our greatest gratification.



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    Translation & Localization

    Proofreading and translation services of the highest quality and professionalism.


    We take care of all the steps necessary to develop your APP together: from simple systems to more complex architectures.


    DTP service in 200 languages, including Asian and Bustrofed (from right to left), to deliver you a ready-to-print file.


    Contact us to find out how you can maximize your overall translation investment by taking a customized approach to Machine Translation (MT).


    Our Translation Review service ensures linguistic accuracy to everything your business needs.


    Ensure that the messages conveyed from the first interaction are relevant to customers across the globe with our full suite of website localization services and tools.


    We locate the original files of your App or software and then test them, saving you the hassle of copy and paste.

    Case Studies

    Learn how our translation agency has contributed to the success of client projects through targeted content creation, translation and transformation solutions.

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    For an ever-developing industry like technology, it is crucial to look for performance solutions.

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    Marketing Translations

    The evolution in the development process of the cruise industry is creating more and more business opportunities.

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    Marketing & Fashion Translations

    We help our client’s mission: to represent the world’s best brand in sports products.

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    At LingoYou we work with a team of over 20000 linguists who are able to provide translations into more than 250 languages.

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