Text revision

Give strength and clarity to your texts. Even the best translations can hide small errors or lost nuances.

With our audit service, every word of your text is not only correct, but also perfectly aligned with the tone and message you want to communicate.


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    Review Service

    Proofreading a text is not a superficial correction, but a deep dive into the content to ensure that every nuance, technical term and style is perfectly aligned with the original.

    Translation can hide pitfalls: sector-specific terms, idioms or simply the coherence of the message. This is why, after the translation, an expert proofreader analyzes the text, correcting any inaccuracies, checking fluency and ensuring that the message is as clear and direct as in the original.

    With LingoYou and our proofreading service, your translation becomes fluid and natural, as if the text was born directly into the final language. Clarity and accuracy are our promise to your communication.

    Why choose LingoYou’s text editing service?

    In translations, so that each text maintains its original essence, every word counts. With our proofreading service, you can be sure that every sentence of your text is flawless, natural and authentic in the target language.

    For over a decade, we have been refining and perfecting translated content. With us, you have the experience of a specialized team on your side, with specific skills from the corporate world.

    Each text goes through a rigorous process: after a detailed analysis to ensure consistency with the original, our expert linguists work to refine the details, guaranteeing you an impeccable result in every respect.