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Our translation agency was created with a view to bringing countries and cultures closer together and breaking down linguistic barriers.

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    Localization and Translation

    Our translation services include text localization and translation certification.

    To communicate effectively in an international environment, it is essential to learn how to communicate on different channels, for different needs and realities.

    How? Rely on LingoYou’s professional translation services! For more than a decade we have been helping our clients create and transform content for an international audience.

    But what is the difference between localization and translation?
    The two processes are closely linked, even though they have substantial differences.

    Translation is the process of transferring a concept, message or text from language A to language B.

    Text localization, on the other hand, is the process of transforming a concept, a message or a source text in relation to the linguistic and cultural (sometimes political or religious) parameters of the target country: through localization, the new text is adapted to the target context while maintaining the meaning of the original message.

    • App Translation
    • Website Translations
    • Machine Translation
    • Certified Translations




    Why should you choose LingoYou’s translation services?

    Thanks to a network of over 20,000 linguists, our translation agency provides professional translation services in more than 200 language combinations.

    LingoYou’s translation and localization solutions are the result of the collaboration of experienced project managers and professional linguists, selected from among the best translators and interpreters specialized in localizing texts for advertising and marketing, carefully chosen to respond in the most appropriate manner to the Client’s specific request.



    Client Retention


    Servizi completi e personalizzati

    Da traduzioni certificate, giurate e legalizzate, fino alla localizzazione di siti web e servizi di marketing multilingue, LingoYou è la soluzione giusta per aziende, pubblica amministrazione, associazioni e privati.


    Traduciamo testi, li adattiamo alla realtà locale e li rielaboriamo in modo creativo affinché si adattino a tutti i tipi di audience. Contatta subito la migliore scelta tra le agenzie traduzioni.


    Ci occupiamo di tutti gli aspetti contenutistici, compresi video/audio sincronizzazione, traduzioni documenti, comandi interattivi e tutte le interfacce utente. 


    Potrete centralizzare le vostre attività multilingue e realizzare campagne orientate, culturalmente appropriate e rilevanti per i vostri clienti. Se cercate traduzioni tecniche, questo è il posto giusto.


    Forniamo un servizio di traduzione certificata e traduzione asseverata per documenti ufficiali, assicurando la validità e conformità nella traduzione destinata a usi ufficiali, sia in Italia che all’estero.


    Assicuratevi che i messaggi veicolati sin dalla prima interazione abbiano rilevanza per i vostri clienti, grazie alla nostra suite completa di servizi e strumenti di localizzazione dei siti web.


    Qualunque sia il mezzo prescelto, siamo in grado di gestire contenuti in ogni lingua. Vi assicuriamo traduzioni e trascrizioni di altissima qualità ovunque e in qualunque lingua, così da raggiungere un pubblico internazionale.

    Translation & Localization

    Translation services of the highest quality and professionalism.

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    We take care of all the steps necessary to develop your APP together: from simple systems to more complex architectures.


    DTP service in 200 languages, including Asian and Bustrofed (from right to left), to deliver you a ready-to-print file.


    Contact us to find out how you can maximize your overall translation investment by taking a customized approach to Machine Translation (MT).


    Our Translation Review service ensures linguistic accuracy to everything your business needs.


    Ensure that the messages conveyed from the first interaction are relevant to customers across the globe with our full suite of website localization services and tools.


    We locate the original files of your App or software and then test them, saving you the hassle of copy and paste.


    What is localization of a translation?

    Translation localization is the process of linguistic, semantic and cultural adaptation in the target language of a text, product or website in the original language for a specific target audience.

    Difference between translation and localization?

    While translation is a purely linguistic transcription, localization is a process that also takes into account the cultural and social factors of the target audience. 

    How do you calculate the cost of a translation?

    Basically, the cost varies depending on the language and length of the text, and the nature of the document. In case of any repetition of content within the text, different discounts may be applied.

    How to count the words in a document?

    The words in a text are counted according to counting systems, the units of which are mainly:
    1) Words
    2) Rows of 55 characters (method mainly used in Germany, Austria and Switzerland)
    3) Folders of 1500 (or 1800 characters, if editorial) – 220 words

    What is the time frame for a translation?

    The time required to complete a translation is 1-2 days, which is valid for simple translations into the most popular languages of up to 5,000 words (about 10-15 pages). Based on the above, an additional 1 day should be considered for every extra 2,500 words. 

    How long does it take to translate a website?

    Generally it takes a few days to translate a website, but it all depends on the number of pages, their length, their content and the target language. 

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    At LingoYou we work with a team who are able to provide translations in more than 250 languages.

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