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Our professional translators in Milan are not limited to simple translation: they adapt the contents to the specific needs of your audience, guaranteeing texts that respond precisely to the challenges of international contexts.


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    Translation services in Milan


    Our translation agency in Milan deeply understands the economic and cultural essence of the Lombardy capital. Milan, illuminated by the lights of San Siro and dominated by the “bela Madunina”, is the beating heart of Italian fashion and design. From Armani to Milan Fashion Week, the city embodies an unmistakable sense of elegance appreciated by its inhabitants and visitors alike.

    But the Milanese metropolis is not just fashion: it is also a journalistic and editorial epicentre, with the main newspapers and comics publishing houses distributing newspapers, magazines and comics to millions of Italians every day.

    It is in this multifaceted and dynamic context that LingoYou positions itself as your trusted partner for technical translations in Milan, especially in the corporate marketing sector:


    • Optimization of websites for SEO, in order to guarantee a first page positioning in Google Search results, thus enhancing their online visibility and relevance.
    • Multilingual Adwords Campaign Management, to reach your customers even abroad with maximum results.
    • Localization of texts, because a text must always adapt register and vocabulary to its recipient.




    Certified translations in Milan

    A simple translation is not enough when it comes to official documents. The translated text must adapt to the social and cultural context of the recipient country, also respecting its legal regulations. This detail is crucial, especially in the world of marketing.

    Our certified translations in Milan ensure the fidelity of the documents to the original and their compliance with the requirements of the country of destination.

    Our translation services in Milan offer different types of certifications:

    • Legalized Translation: official translation with a special stamp (apostille) which makes it valid and recognized abroad.
    • Sworn Translation: translation confirmed by an authorized professional, who guarantees that the translated text faithfully corresponds to the original.
    • Certified Translation: translation accompanied by a written declaration confirming its accuracy and fidelity to the original document.
    • Legalized Translation at the Embassy: translation officially recognized through a specific procedure at the embassies or consulates.

    Traduzione & Localizzazione

    Servizi di traduzione della massima qualità e professionalità.


    Assicuratevi che i messaggi veicolati sin dalla prima interazione abbiano rilevanza per i clienti di tutto il globo, grazie alla nostra suite completa di servizi e strumenti di localizzazione dei siti web.


    Desktop Publishing in 200 lingue, incluse quelle asiatiche e bustrofediche (da destra verso sinistra), per consegnarti un file già pronto per la stampa.


    Contattateci per scoprire come massimizzare i vostri investimenti globali nella traduzione adottando un approccio personalizzato alla traduzione automatica (Machine Translation, MT).


    Il nostro servizio di Revisione delle Traduzioni garantisce accuratezza linguistica a tutto quello di cui la tua azienda ha bisogno.  


    Localizziamo i file originali della tua App o del tuo software e poi li testiamo, risparmiandoti il problema del copia e incolla.

    Technical translations in Milan

    LingoYou is the translation agency in Milan that stands out for its versatility and competence. We provide translations optimized for different devices, channels and platforms, always ensuring attention to detail and maximum resonance in every linguistic context.

    We are also at the forefront of adopting new technologies: for specific projects, we combine the efficiency of machine translation with the skills of our translators.

    This hybrid approach not only ensures high-quality translations, but also offers a cost-effective solution for our clients’ most diverse needs. With LingoYou, you always have the best option at your disposal.



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    At LingoYou, we work with a team of over 20,000 professional translators, capable of providing translations into more than 200 languages.

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