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Create subtitles for your content and open yourself to a world of opportunities. With our subtitling service, you make your audiovisual materials immediately accessible to an international audience.


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We are proud of the companies we work with.

Top companies from around the world turn to us when they want to engage global audiences in new markets. We are the leading choice for professional translations in over 200 languages, with more than 20,000 native speaking linguists.

Subtitle translation

Subtitling is the process that transforms audio into written text, displayed on the screen, in a language other than the original one.

But it’s not just about translating: the subtitles are the result of adaptation work. This means that every sentence, every expression, is reworked to resonate naturally in the target language, while maintaining the original intent of the message.

There are many technical challenges: subtitles must respect certain rules, such as the maximum display duration, the number of characters per line and perfect synchronization with the audio.

A literal translation or poorly synchronized subtitling can compromise the audience’s understanding and experience. LingoYou guarantees a precise, adapted and synchronized subtitling service, giving you an authentic translation faithful to the original.

How does it work?

At LingoYou we are constantly committed to providing a comprehensive, high-quality subtitling service that expertly combines human experience with cutting-edge technologies.


Study of Documents and Allocation

Our team immediately gets to work to analyze the materials provided and identify the most suitable professionals for the subtitling project.


Transcription and Subtitling

The transcription and subtitling process is handled by industry experts, who are dedicated to transforming the audiovisual content into written text and subtitles.


Accurate Quality Control

Each phase of the subtitling process is subjected to strict controls to guarantee a final result that respects the high standards of precision and linguistic coherence.


Delivery to the customer on time

The completed project is delivered to the client in the requested format, ensuring an accurate and engaging adaptation of the original message into the target languages.


Why choose LingoYou’s subtitling service?

Do you want to translate your audiovisual content into multiple languages and capture the attention of a global audience?

With LingoYou, you not only translate, but raise the quality of your content. Our team of expert project managers and dedicated linguists offers you a high-level subtitle translation service, designed to enhance your presence on the global stage and project your business towards new horizons.







Our Strengths

Consolidated experience

Our translators have at least 10 years of experience in the field of audio translation and transcription.

Sectoral Specialization

Our translators specialize in specific sectors. This means that they translate and transcribe your content, understanding and respecting the peculiarities and terminology of your sector.

Wide variety of formats

We transcribe into a wide range of audio formats, so that your message is faithfully converted into written form and made accessible to a wider audience.

Complete linguistic coverage

We translate and convert audio to text in over 200 languages, giving your message the power to reach customers around the world.


Voiceover and Dubbing

Have you made a video? We help you share it with the world, offering you clear and targeted solutions to reach an international audience.



Do you want to share your video with users from all over the world in a simple and immediate way? Our subtitling service transforms your original message into subtitles that speak directly to the hearts of viewers, wherever they are.



Do you have audio or video recordings that you want to convert into written text? With our transcription service, every word is transcribed precisely, making your content accessible and easily shareable.


Let’s Work Together!

At LingoYou, we work with a team of over 20,000 professional translators, capable of providing translations into more than 200 languages.