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LingoYou offers audio-to-text transcription services professionally and quickly so that its clients can effectively reach an international audience.


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    Audio transcription service

    Audio/video transcription is a service that involves putting in writing what is reproduced in an audio or video, which is then translated into the language.

    The audio-to-text transcription service is mainly required for specific sectors, such as insurance, finance, legal and healthcare.

    All of the different transcriptions are done in such a way as to ensure maximum fidelity to the original message and the same industry-specific terminology.







    Why choose LingoYou's audio transcription services?

    LingoYou’s goal is to provide its customers with a high-quality, professional audio-to-text transcription service.

    Our network of professional audio transcribers is able to provide transcription services quickly and efficiently, using state-of-the-art techniques and specialization in their field.

    LingoYou chooses only experienced transcribers with many years of experience.

    The skills and knowledge acquired over time in the field will ensure that your audio-text transcriptions are as faithful to the original file as possible, and that they are relevant and consistent.

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    Our agency grows every day with success thanks to a team of experts and concrete results.

    The satisfaction of our customers is our greatest gratification.



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