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Our state-of-the-art AI dubbing solutions will make your multilingual productions more efficient and engaging! Harness the power of professional artificial intelligence to quickly bring your projects to life.


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    Top companies around the world turn to us when they want to engage global audiences in new markets. We are the leading choice for professional translations in more than 200 languages, with more than 20,000 native linguists.

    Artificial intelligence dubbing

    Dubbing with artificial intelligence represents an evolutionary leap in the field of language adaptation for audiovisual productions.

    Through sophisticated algorithms, AI analyzes the original text and translates it into different languages, generating a high-quality audio track efficiently and accurately. This process optimizes production time, enabling works to reach a global audience quickly. Thanks to AI’s rapid learning capability, the quality of dubbing constantly improves, ensuring professional and engaging sound output.

    In addition, AI offers flexibility in maintaining lip synchronization and intonation, preserving the authenticity of vocal performances and making the final product very close to a dubbing performed by a professional actor, with the advantage of achieving it in a much shorter time.

    Doppiaggio AI

    How does it work?

    The LingoYou team always aims to offer its clients a comprehensive and high-quality service that skillfully combines human expertise with cutting-edge technology. Find out more!


    Transcription and Translation

    Transcriptions and translations are carried out by highly qualified and experienced human translators in the specific language field, ensuring accurate and authentic rendition of the original content.


    Initial Voice Setup

    Our integrated approach combines human skill with the efficiency of artificial intelligence technologies to ensure accurate and professional Multilingual Voice Setup.


    Synchronization and Sound design

    The audio synchronization process is handled by experts in audiovisual editing who ensure complete audience engagement, thus ensuring a smooth viewing experience.


    Final Quality Control

    Each step in the process undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure that the final result reflects the highest standards of linguistic accuracy and consistency.

    Why choose AI Dubbing from LingoYou?

    Our solution offers a choice of over 200 supported languages, with an adaptation that preserves the unique style of the original speakers, ensuring that the authenticity and individuality of the performances remain intact for each language so that the original message is not altered.

    Our system can handle multiple speakers, allowing smooth transition between different voices within the same production.

    With its advanced ability to process multiple languages, LingoYou’s AI dubbing solution adapts to each producer’s needs, ensuring-in the shortest possible time-a final product that delivers an engaging and authentic audiovisual experience for a global audience.







    Our Strengths?

    Global language coverage

    LingoYou’s AI dubbing offers broad coverage of more than 200 languages, enabling your productions to reach an international audience without language limitations.

    Guaranteed originality

    Thanks to its advanced technology, our system is able to preserve the unique character and style of the original speakers during the dubbing process.

    Rapid delivery

    Our AI dubbing solution ensures a fast and smooth process, enabling high-quality results in an incredibly short time, while maintaining the artistic and linguistic integrity of the productions.

    Advanced multilingual capability

    With its advanced multilingual capability, our system ensures that the original message is conveyed everywhere with accuracy and clarity.

    Let’s Work Together!

    At LingoYou, we work with a team of over 20,000 professional translators, capable of providing translations into more than 200 languages.

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