Audiovisual Language Services

If you want your multimedia content to reach an international audience, you should choose professional, quality audiovisual and multimedia language services..


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    Audiovisual Language Services

    There are several ways to translate audiovisual language services and multimedia language services.
    Among the most common are subtitling, dubbing and voiceover.

    Although the three types of service undoubtedly have many aspects in common, each of them has specific characteristics that differentiate them from the others.
    Subtitling consists in transforming a multimedia content through the transcription of subtitles on the bottom of the screen.
    It is a very delicate process that is not limited to a literal translation, but rather consists in the adaptation of phrases and dialogues to the target language in full respect of the original message and the strict rules of subtitling: the subtitles must be legible, short and effective and perfectly synchronized with the audiovisual content.

    Dubbing, on the other hand, is the replacement of a dialogue with another in a language other than the original: the dubbing artist must therefore interpret the role of the character he/she is dubbing, through a precise sound emission and a perfect correspondence with the original content.

    Finally, the voice-over service consists in the superimposition (literally, voice over) of the voice of the speaker to that of the character on the screen, or, in some cases, also to images, colors, shapes.

    Find out which solution best suits your needs with LingoYou’s multimedia language services.

    • Voiceover
    • Captioning
    • Transcription
    • Dubbing




    Why choose LingoYou’s audiovisual language services?

    LingoYou’s multimedia and audiovisual services are the result of the collaboration of expert project managers and professional linguists selected from among the best profiles of translators and interpreters, specialized in advertising and marketing and carefully chosen to respond in the most appropriate way to the Client’s specific request.





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    Multimedia language services

    LingoYou offers diverse professional services for every type of request:


    Voiceover and Dubbing

    We provide you with a fast and competitive voice-over and voice-over service, carried out by a team of professionals, to help you reach a global audience with your audiovisual content.


    We offer a highly professional subtitling translation service to make your video content accessible to a wider audience.


    Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality transcription service by working with experienced transcribers who can work quickly and smoothly with any type of audio or video file.


    What is captioning?

    Captioning is the written transcription of the oral message, transposed and translated, displayed at the bottom of your audio-video screen. 

    For which languages is the translation service available?

    The translation service is available for a wide range of languages, from the most familiar such as Indo-European (French, English, German, Spanish, etc.) to the more “distant” and rare such as Sino-Tibetan and Afro-Asiatic.

    How many languages do you translate into?

    We translate into more than 250 languages, from the best known to the most unfamiliar.

    What is the difference between dubbing and voiceover?

    While dubbing involves the total replacement of the audio track of the original video, voiceover involves the superimposition of the translation audio track over the original audio voice of the video. 

    How quickly is the quote provided?

    For editable files, you’ll get the quote automatically. For non-editable files, you will receive the quote in 15 minutes.

    What are the delivery times?

    Delivery times vary depending on the service to be provided and its intended use. 

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    At LingoYou we work with a team who are able to provide translations in more than 250 languages.

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