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    Malay is spoken by approximately 290 million people worldwide. This language is widespread in 4 countries: Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia.

    Malay is an agglutinative language, meaning that adding affixes to the root of a word can create an almost unlimited number of different concepts.

    Furthermore, Malay names do not differ in gender and have no number. Regarding the Malaysian economy, there are many major companies operating in the country. Among these, First Solar, Hanwha Q Cells and SunPower stand out, which are leaders in the solar energy sector. These companies play a crucial role in the Malaysian economy and contribute significantly to its growth.

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    LingoYou’s highly qualified and dedicated native speakers will guarantee precise and consistent Malay translations, respecting the meaning and style of the original text. Thanks to the use of proven methods and constantly updated resources, your projects will be delivered respecting the agreed deadlines, the indications you request and the international quality standards certified by the ISO – 9001: 2015 and ISO – 17100: 2017 standards.

    LingoYou translation services cover even the rarest and most remote languages for which translations may be requested. Whether for personal, academic or commercial purposes, with the experts at LingoYou, your Malay translation projects will be a guaranteed success.







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