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Professional and certified Indonesian translations. For all your needs, you will find our linguistic experts for texts, documents and more. Rely on a team of more than 50 professionals in Indonesian to translate your projects.


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    Indonesian is spoken by over 270 million people worldwide, mainly in Indonesia, but also in Brunei, East Timor and Singapore. It is a fascinating language, without an official alphabet and enriched by different linguistic influences, including Arabic, Dutch and English, thus reflecting the cultural diversity of the country.

    A curiosity about the Indonesian language is its grammatical flexibility, as well as the lack of verb conjugations. Major companies operating in Indonesia include Pertamina in the energy sector, Bank Mandiri in the financial sector and Indofood in food production. Indonesia, with its rich cultural history and growing economy, represents an attractive destination both culturally and economically.

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    Why choose LingoYou’s Indonesian translation services? Our team of native Indonesian translators offers expertise and precision in every project, ensuring smooth and consistent translations. Furthermore, our network includes sworn translators registered in the court registers.

    Each member of our team is constantly working to ensure that deadlines for each project are met and that a professional result is delivered that respects international quality standards, certified by the ISO – 9001: 2015 and ISO – 17100: 2017 standards. translations into the most remote languages, such as Indonesian, are among our strengths and distinctive features.

    What is a challenge for others is our daily work! Our translators will be at your side for academic projects, commercial documents, personal documents and much more.







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