Our goal is to enable organizations around the world to communicate properly in any language and in any medium.


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    Our translation agency creates, transforms, tests and shapes more content than anyone else in the world, from text, audio and video content to structured and unstructured data…


    We translate texts, adapt them to the local reality and rework them creatively to suit all kinds of audiences.


    We take care of all content aspects, including video/audio synchronisation, interactive controls and all user interfaces.


    You will be able to centralise your multilingual activities and realise campaigns that are oriented, culturally appropriate and relevant to your customers.


    We provide a certification service that ensures the validity of translations for official use abroad.


    Make sure messages delivered from the first interaction are relevant to your customers with our full suite of website localization tools and services.


    Whatever sales channel you choose, we are able to handle content in any language. We assure you of the highest quality translations and transcriptions anywhere and in any language.


    To expand your business globally, you can’t just translate content from one language to another. Our translation agency works so that your content can directly reach your customers in different markets, cultures and contexts.

    LingoYou adapts your content to different devices, channels, platforms and languages so that it resonates locally, and provides a top-notch customer experience across the globe. We make sure your content is always relevant and culturally appropriate.





    Why should you choose LingoYou’s translation services?

    Thanks to a network of over 1000 linguists, our translation agency provides professional translation services in more than 200 language combinations.

    LingoYou’s translation and localization solutions are the result of the collaboration of experienced project managers and professional linguists, selected from among the best translators and interpreters specialized in localizing texts for advertising and marketing, carefully chosen to respond in the most appropriate manner to the Client’s specific request.



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    What is LingoYou?

    LingoYou is a translation and localisation agency whose mission is to break down language barriers by providing affordable, accurate and high-quality translations.

    What are the most popular translation services?

    Among the most popular services are certified translation and website localisation – especially for companies expanding abroad. Recently, we have seen an upward trend in requests for subtitling and voice-over services in the business sector.

    For which languages is the translation service available?

    The translation service is available for a wide range of languages, from the most familiar such as Indo-European (French, English, German, Spanish, etc.) to the more ‘distant’ and rare such as Sino-Tibetan and Afro-Asiatic.

    How can you request a quote?

    The quote can be requested via our customer portal.

    I am an individual customer, can I request a translation?

    Yes, of course. We provide translation services to both companies and individuals.

    Why is LingoYou different from other translation services?

    Because we put our customers’ needs and requests first, providing a free 24-hour support service and delivering more than convincing and accurate localised translations.

    What guarantee do you give on the quality of the translation?

    LingoYou offers a free quality assurance service. We submit the translation to a second translator before it is finalised and delivered, in order to certify its quality.

    How quickly is the quote provided?

    For editable files, you will get the quote automatically. For non-editable files, you will receive the quote in 15 minutes.

    Is payment for translations in advance?

    Yes, for a better guarantee the payment is in advance.

    What are the delivery times?

    Delivery times vary according to the service to be provided and its intended use.

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    At LingoYou we work with a team who are able to provide translations into more than 250 languages.

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