Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli

Case Study

The Clients

Founded in 1949 in Milan by Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, the Foundation that bears his name is an institution dedicated to studies, social and historiographical research, and the organization of cultural events of international resonance. Characterized by a strong innovative spirit, the Feltrinelli Foundation stands out for its aspiration to break with social traditions, using culture as a means to connect to the world and contribute to the creation of a more equitable future.

The challenge

For over a year, LingoYou and the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation have shared a solid and fruitful collaboration. Faced with a client with profound cultural and social value, our team constantly strives to guarantee excellence, mastery of specific terminology, timeliness and precision. Thanks to the dedication and competence of our professionals, LingoYou fully responds to these needs.


After understanding the needs and objectives of the Feltrinelli Foundation, LingoYou presented a selection of native translators with extensive experience. The Foundation requires translations into several languages, including Italian, English, French, Polish and Russian, for the publication of manuals, articles and reports. Thanks to our vast network of over 20,000 professional translators, we are able to respond accurately and promptly to these specific requests.






“Professionisti preparati, gentili ed efficienti. I servizi sono ottimi e i costi contenuti. Azienda veramente TOP. Ci troviamo molto bene nel collaborare con loro”

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