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Enhance your career with our resume (CV) translation service. We offer precise and professional translations to highlight your skills on an international level. Contact us now!


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    Curriculum (CV) translation service

    Maximize your professional opportunities with our resume (CV) translation service. Our team of linguistic experts guarantees accurate and targeted translations, highlighting your skills effectively for the international market. We enhance your professional path, adapting your CV to global needs. Furthermore, we offer complete sworn services and legalization with apostille, guaranteeing the international validity of your documents. Whether you are looking for opportunities abroad or want to expand your professional network, our agency offers a reliable and fast service. Contact us now to get a tailor-made translation and face your search for professional success with confidence.


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    Why choose LingoYou’s certified translation service?


    🟣 Consolidated experience. Our translators have at least 10 years of experience in the field of certified translations.

    🟣 Sector precision. Our translators specialize in specific sectors. This means that they translate your content, respecting the peculiarities and terminology of your sector.

    🟣 Complete language coverage. We translate into over 200 languages, to make your documents suitable for any international context.

    🟣 ISO quality standards. Our translations comply with ISO – 9001 and ISO – 17100: 2017 regulations, to give you a very high level service and maximum confidentiality of your data.

    Traduzione certificata

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    Certified Translation

    Officialize your documents in a new language. With our certified translation service, every word matches the original exactly, making your document ready to be submitted to universities, private entities or other institutions that require an accurate translation.

    Sworn translation

    Get a sworn translation for your official documents. With our service, each term is translated precisely, allowing you to confirm the legal value of documents issued by government bodies, courts and other official authorities in another language.

    Legalized translation

    Get a legalized translation for your documents destined for abroad. With our legalized translation service, we ensure that each document is recognized and authenticated for use in foreign countries.

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    What is a certified translation and when is it required?

    Certified translation is the translation of an original document into the target language, the validity and conformity of which is to be ascertained. It is required if its intended use is abroad, for personal or work reasons.

    What is a legalized translation?

    Legalized translation is the translation of a document whose legal validity abroad is to be certified. Legalization – only following sworn certification – can take place with the affixing of apostilles or at the embassy.

    How many languages do you translate into?

    We translate into more than 250 languages, from the best known to the most unknown.

    How can I order a translation?

    You can order a translation by contacting us by email or telephone. Everything will be easier using the form online.

    For which documents is a certified translation needed?

    Certified translations (or sworn translations) are suitable for documents such as: birth, death and separation certificates; academic diplomas and degree certificates; drug information leaflets.

    For which documents is a sworn translation suitable?

    It is suitable for documents such as: passports and driving licences; chamber of commerce records and financial statements; notarial, corporate and commercial deeds. In Italy, certification is necessary for all official documents to be certified.

    Where to legalize a translation?

    You can entrust the entire certification process to us at LingoYou, from professional translation to the legalization phase.

    What are the delivery times?

    Delivery times vary based on the service to be provided and its intended use.

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    At LingoYou, we work with a team of over 20,000 professional translators, capable of providing translations into more than 200 languages.

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