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LingoYou provides a LY-certified translation service for documents of different types in over 250 languages.



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    Do you need certified translations?

    LingoYou provides a certification service for official documents whose validity you wish to ensure abroad.

    The translation activities are carried out by our translators, who are highly qualified and qualified for certified translation.





    How and when to provide a certified translation?

    So-called “Certified Translation” is the type of translation document usually required by foreign agencies in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands.

    Since this is a document that does not require an official oath of translation, a self-certification by the translator (Certificate of Accuracy or CTA) on letterhead is usually sufficient, attesting to the validity and conformity of the translated document to the language.

    In this case, the translator (who adds his signature and date to the translation document) – considered by law to be an official translator – is given full legal responsibility for the translation. In the translated language certificate, the translator’s personal details are usually provided as well, so that the translator can be contacted in case of any eventuality.

    Since it is not a document that requires swearing or asseveration, it has a reduced cost compared to other types of official translation – also due to an exemption of revenue stamps. Although less time-consuming, it is important to reiterate that a certified translation has no actual legal value: the guarantor is the translator.

    For this reason, a certified translation is generally sufficient and required by foreign institutions or countries for documents such as diplomas and academic certificates, business documents: generally documents that are not issued by judicial public bodies and therefore do not require legalization.

    Certified translation is suitable for documents such as:

    – birth, death, marriage and separation certificates

    – academic diplomas and certificates

    – drug package inserts

    Our Quality

    We have the expertise, determination and ambition to be the fastest growing translation agency in each of our territories and sectors, thanks to a strong, resourceful team dedicated to satisfying our clients.

    Our interpreters are highly qualified and experts in specific fields. You can rely on them for the certified translation of the document you need. Our interpreters’ extensive knowledge of glossary and vocabulary will enable you to obtain a certified translation that is in order and faithful to the original.

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    Translation certification services are divided into three types

    Certified Translation

    We provide a translation accompanied by a translation certificate attesting to its fidelity to the original.

    Sworn Translation

    We offer an asseveration service for the translations of your documents in order to certify their conformity to the original document.

    Legalized Translation

    We provide a translation legalization service with apostille to make official translations for your documents even abroad.

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    At LingoYou we work with a team who are able to provide translations in more than 250 languages.

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