Legalized Translations

Translations with Apostille by our agency will ensure the legal validity of your translated documents.


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    Do you need legalized translations?

    If you need to present official documents abroad (especially if they are from EU countries) translated into your language, you sometimes have to resort to legalization of these documents, i.e. to officially recognize the legal value of their sworn affidavit.

    To legalize public documents issued by foreign entities or to be presented to foreign authorities, you need to rely on competent translation agencies like LingoYou to provide a reliable and legally-proof service.

    We offer legalized translations with the affixing of the Hague Apostille or through recourse to the Public Prosecutor’s Office (in the event that the signature is deposited by a judicial officer or notary) or the Prefecture (in the event that a municipal or public education official signs). There is also the possibility of validating and legalizing documents at the Chamber of Commerce, such as invoices, balance sheets, etc.





    What do legalized translations consist of?

    After the translator has translated and sworn the document, the document must be legalized or apostilled.

    The countries that signed the AIA Convention of 5 October 1961 have facilitated the legalization procedure by simply affixing an apostille stamp. This certifies the authenticity of the document and attests to the legal qualification of the court official, giving legal validity to his signature.

    The conformity stamp can be certified by the translator himself in countries where the official translator is actually a legal entity: in this case, his signature on the legalized translation document is then legalized by the Prefecture or the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the relevant municipality.

    Legalized translation is suitable for documents such as:

    – passports and identity documents

    – civil and criminal judgments

    – immigration and special powers of attorney

    – criminal record

    The quality of our official translations

    Thanks to the distinguished industriousness of our team of translators who specialize in the legal-legal field, you will have no reason to worry about document legalization.

    In order not to risk any quibbles or legal troubles, rely on our translators: the LingoYou team will take care of the entire legalization process, managing the various phases with extreme professionalism and attention. 



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    Translation certification services are divided into three types

    Certified Translation

    We provide a translation accompanied by a translation certificate attesting to its fidelity to the original.

    Sworn Translation

    We offer an asseveration service for the translations of your documents in order to certify their conformity to the original document.

    Legalized Translation

    We provide a translation legalization service with apostille to make official translations for your documents even abroad.

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