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Get a legalized translation for your documents destined for abroad. With our legalized translation service, we ensure that each document is recognized and authenticated for use in foreign countries.


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    Legalized translation service

    Legalization, often called “confirmation of authenticity”, is a service that gives legal value to your documents in a language other than the original.

    When you need to use a document abroad, you may need to “legalize” it. This does not mean making it legal, but rather confirming that the signature on the document is authentic and recognized. This confirmation occurs through the affixing of a particular stamp, called the “legalization stamp”.

    While a sworn translation is a document translated and then notarized by a court or notary, legalization goes a step further. It serves to certify that the public official (such as a registrar or a notary) who signed the document or sworn translation is actually authorized to do so. This process takes place at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Court for sworn translations, while for other official documents, such as those issued by public or academic bodies, it takes place in the Prefecture.

    If the recipient country has signed up to the “Hague Convention” (an international treaty that simplifies the legalization of documents between signatory countries), the procedure is streamlined. Instead of the classic procedure, a universally recognized stamp called “Apostille” is used.

    At LingoYou, we employ professionals who know Italian and international laws well and will help you get documents legalized and accepted without problems abroad.


    Why choose LingoYou’s legalized translation service?

    Legalized translation is a meticulous and fundamental process that requires accuracy, professionalism and a deep mastery of both the source and target languages.

    LingoYou guarantees high quality legalized translations, faithful to the original and in line with the laws of the country of origin. Our attention to detail is key to ensuring that official documents and certificates are accepted abroad smoothly, preventing legal complications.

    With our legalization service, we offer you a complete solution for your documentation. Our team takes care of every detail, from verifying the original document to obtaining the apostille or necessary legalization.

    We manage the entire process for you. We ensure that your documents are duly attested in terms of signature and qualification of the official who signed them, guaranteeing their authenticity and validity abroad. With stamp, signature and, if necessary, apostille, your documents will be ready to be legally recognized in any foreign country.







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