Legalized Embassy Translations

LingoYou offers a Legalized Embassy Translation service in the event that the legalization requires a second step at a consular or representative office.

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    Do you need legalized translations at the embassy?

    LingoYou provides an embassy legalized translation service, in which the legalization procedure is carried out by an Italian diplomatic or consular representation in the country that drafted the document.

    It guarantees the certification of conformity with the original document, previously translated and sworn ad hoc by our translators specialized in the field!




    Traduzione legalizzata in ambasciata LingoYou

    What does the legalized translation at the embassy involve?

    When you need to legalize a document for a country that is not part of the Hague Convention, the first legalization in the Prosecutor’s Office, Prefecture (or in unusual cases in the Chamber of Commerce) is followed by the second legalization.

    In countries where the official translator is not recognized as a legal figure, it is necessary to obtain a certificate of conformity issued directly by the consular office of the foreign country in question.

    In cases, such as this one, of documents that need to be sworn in and legalized, it is also necessary to have them legalized at the embassy or at the diplomatic or consular representation responsible for the country of destination. The consular office in question is called upon to legalize the translated document after it has been sworn affidavit by the translator.

    It is important to carefully study the regulations in force in the country of destination regarding the admissibility of the mode of translation and to check whether it requires legalization or double legalization.

    By appointment, the applicant goes to the consular authority with the original document and the translated document to validate the document to be legalized and to obtain the certificate of conformity of the translation.

    Legalized translation at the Embassy is suitable for documents such as:

    – birth certificates

    – pending charges, financial statements and Chamber of Commerce searches

    – notarial acts, civil and criminal judgments

    – legal documents (powers of attorney and special powers of attorney)

    Our Quality

    LingoYou stands for security, competence and motivation. The translators who make up our team are perfectly trained in their fields of expertise, always ready to provide you with the best legalized translation service.

    Our experienced linguists are able to provide a translation legalized at the embassy that is faithful and compliant, in many languages, with the original document.

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    Translation certification services are divided into three types

    Certified Translation

    We provide a translation accompanied by a translation certificate attesting to its fidelity to the original.

    Sworn Translation

    We offer an asseveration service for the translations of your documents in order to certify their conformity to the original document.

    Legalized Translation

    We provide a translation legalization service with apostille to make official translations for your documents even abroad.

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