Certified Translation

We provide a certified translation service for official documents of various kinds, the certification of which ensures their validity and conformity in translation for official use, both in Italy and abroad.


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    Certified Translation

    In order to guarantee the utmost accuracy and meticulousness in translation, LingoYou provides a certified translation service, ensuring the conformity and validity of the translated documents in the target language, meeting the requirements imposed by the destination country.

    It is important to ascertain what kind of translation is needed in the target country, and then pay attention to the relevant legal rules and regulations.

    We will be happy to assist you in the correct and complete submission of the necessary official certified documents, guaranteeing total availability for consultation.

    Getting certified translations means ensuring your documents are more adaptable, given the context in which they will operate.

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    • Legalized Translation
    • Certified Translation
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    Why choose LingoYou?

    We have a team of translators who are experts in their specific fields and who can guarantee maximum accuracy and conformity in the translation of your document from one language to another.

    In the case of certified and official documents, it is essential to rely on a high-quality and competent translation service that is prepared to handle bureaucratic and legal issues of all kinds.

    Choose LingoYou for your official translations and certified translations!

    Traduzione certificata


    Translation certification services are divided into three types

    Certified Translation

    We provide a translation accompanied by a translation certificate attesting to its fidelity to the original.

    Sworn Translation

    We offer an asseveration service for the translations of your documents in order to certify their conformity to the original document.

    Legalized Translation

    We provide a translation legalization service with apostille to make official translations for your documents even abroad.

    Let's Work Together!

    At LingoYou we work with a team who are able to provide translations in more than 250 languages.



    What is a certified translation and when is it required?

    A Certified Translation is the translation of an original document into the target language, to verify its validity and conformity. It is required if the document is to be used abroad for personal or business reasons.

    What is a legalized translation?

    A legalized translation is the translation of a document that is to be certified as legally valid abroad. Legalization – only after asseveration – can be done with an apostille or at the embassy. 

    How many languages do you translate into?

    We translate into more than 250 languages, from the most well-known to the most unfamiliar.

    How can I order a translation?

    You can order a translation by contacting us by email or phone. It will be easier using the online form.

    What documents need certified translations for?

    Certified translation is suitable for documents such as: birth, death, and separation certificates; academic diplomas and degree certificates; and drug package inserts.

    For which documents can a sworn translation be used?

    It is suitable for documents such as: passports and driving licenses; chamber of commerce visas and balance sheets; notarial, corporate and commercial acts. In Italy, asseveration is necessary for all official documents to be certified.

    Where to legalize a translation?

    You can entrust us at LingoYou with the entire certification process, from professional translation to legalization. 

    What are the delivery times?

    Delivery times vary depending on the service to be provided and its intended use. 

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