World Translation Day, which is celebrated on 30 September each year, invites us to consider the precious role of translation in breaking down linguistic barriers.

The first edition of World Translation Day (in French, Journée mondo de la traduction, in English International Translation Day) was held in 1953 in Paris – the same year in which the Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs (FIT International Federation of Translators) was also founded. . However, it was only recognized in 1991 as an official anniversary.

The date chosen for the anniversary coincides with the Feast of Saint Jerome, the father of all translators and linguist interpreters. Not surprisingly, we would say. The Roman theologian was also the first author in history to complete the full translation of the Bible, commissioned by Pope Damasus I in 382, ​​known as the Vulgate. It took Saint Jerome 23 years to complete the work of translating the ancient Masoretic text from Hebrew into Latin.

As he himself claimed, the translation goes beyond mere literal transposition, but also takes into account the meaning that the original message wants to express. In a very modern twist on the translation process, he declared:

“I do not render the word with the word, but the sense with the sense.”

In 1971, the intention of FIT was to make the work of professional translators and interpreters magnificent, who make countries, cultures closer and more connected. However, the removal of linguistic barriers is necessary to also preserve the cultural and linguistic heritage of the cultures and languages ​​involved.

On this day, enthusiasts of the translation sector organize and participate in meetings, events and conferences held all over the world and promoted by FIT itself, of which the National Association of Italian Translators and Interpreters (ANITI) is a member.

The importance of translation and interpreting services is underlined. Linguistic and cultural nuances are the daily bread of professional translators and interpreters, who, based on many years of experience and knowledge acquired over the years, share and put their knowledge and professionalism into practice. Everyone who carries out a professional translation is aware of the potential that their work has. They are all repositories of knowledge, knowledge and information that allow a relationship between peoples. The intervention of a professional, native speaker and qualified translator can be the key to social, cultural and economic relations.

In 2017, in this regard, the International Federation of Translators managed to have the United Nations General Assembly unanimously adopt resolution A/RES/71/288, which recognizes the importance of professional translations in the perspective of a more united and peaceful world.

The central theme of this year’s edition is “United in translation“: behind these three words lies the essence of World Translation Day and the work of all professionals in the sector.

The figure of professional interpreters and translators as “heirs of Saint Jerome” reminds us of how words can have a specific weight and value, based on the circumstances and the context of reference. A professional translation takes into account the cultures involved and finds the way towards dialogue, contact and cooperation.

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