World Tourism Day, which falls on September 27, is an international event strongly promoted by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) since 1979.

It is an opportunity to reflect and discuss the social, cultural, economic and political impact of tourism, and to promote initiatives and awareness campaigns on the central theme chosen each year.

Tourism for Inclusive Growth”. So says the slogan of World Tourism Day 2021. The focus is placed on the inclusiveness of tourism activities, in relation to sustainable global growth – a certain connection with the theme of ecotourism – in terms of protection of the environment and culture .

Tourism has been one of the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. What is hoped for is a restart of tourism, strategic, stimulating and encouraging, without burdening the environment or local cultures. Agenda30 shows 17 objectives necessary to promote sustainable and inclusive growth.

Through well-structured tourist proposals, and in the role of ambassador of inclusiveness, tourism can encourage cultural inclusion and global economic recovery. Tourism means relying on the desire to know, to venture into more or less distant places and lands. It means looking around and coming into contact with people, cultures and habits different from your own. And again, safeguarding cultural diversity, making that dividing line between countries and cultures a line of conjunction, rather than of exclusion.

Traveling must be within everyone’s reach. Because everyone has the right to respond to their desires for exploration and knowledge, for contact with other peoples.

The United Nations International Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has organized a series of events and initiatives around the world. a common thread will be the central theme “Tourism for inclusive growth”, through reference to those fundamental factors for sustainable development.

In Italy, for example, the “Via Francigena. Road to Rome 2021”, a 3200 kilometer march that crosses England, France and Switzerland. The basic idea is to relaunch the so-called “slow” and rural tourism – in the face of mass tourism proposals – that is, an invitation to reconcile with the local socio-economic micro systems.

The main cities of Italy are therefore preparing to kick off the celebrations and welcome tourists, travelers and backpackers from all over the world in the best possible way. Museums, exhibitions, archaeological sites and theaters will open their doors to numerous visitors and “tourists in their own home”. Exactly as will happen in Ostuni, the white city, which will offer free entry or reductions on the entry price to museums and exhibitions on the occasion of World Tourism Day.

For the tourism sector, the theme of inclusion aims to ensure that no one is left behind or excluded. Therefore, the commercial activities involved in the tourism sector therefore have the task of offering every international tourist a hospitable and comprehensive experience. To be able to attract and put your customers at ease, it is necessary to resort to professional tourism translations. Tourism translations are a translation service that translation agencies like LingoYou offer to facilitate dialogue with foreign clients and interlocutors.

The removal of linguistic barriers does not imply upsetting the culture across borders, but rather respecting it and knowing it, with an approach of openness, moderation and inclusion.

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