In an increasingly globalized world, being able to communicate with people of other nationalities is increasingly important. It is no coincidence that knowing a foreign language is now a prerogative in many sectors. However, the purely scholastic study of a language often proves to be ineffective, as it only gives a general smattering of the subject.

If you are a student or a worker, you have probably promised yourself several times that you will learn Spanish or perhaps Chinese by self-taught or by enrolling in a course. We know, however, that good intentions are often not enough and, out of laziness, we always end up postponing that fateful moment. Do you need some good reason to push you and make you want to commit seriously? Are you considering enrolling in a language course but not yet convinced? Don’t worry, we’ve thought of four excellent reasons not to put off studying any longer!


4 reasons to know a language

1. Increase your skills

The first reason may seem trivial to you, but it is certainly one of the most relevant. Knowing a new language is essential both in school and in the workplace. In fact, more and more universities are introducing compulsory English courses. Some universities even explicitly require external linguistic certification to access the degree discussion. If you dream of enrolling in a foreign university, having a certain language level will be a mandatory entry requirement!

Similarly, if you are a worker or are looking for work, knowledge of a second language will add value to your CV. It might even increase your score in public competitions! Knowing other languages will therefore give you long-term benefits, allowing you to graduate from the best universities and find prestigious jobs.

2. Knowing a language makes you travel without fear

If you love traveling and want to visit each country and experience it 100%, speaking the local language will be of enormous help to you. You will no longer have difficulty finding your way or asking information from the people you meet. Furthermore, you will feel more confident, as you will be able to easily spot possible scams or malicious people. You will be able to travel outside the traditional tourist circuits and mix with the locals, breathing in the true local culture. Finally, you will avoid going to the usual tourist destinations, where hotels and restaurants offer increased prices.

3. Train your mind

According to important scientific studies, learning a new language would be of great benefit to our brain. Studying a different language, in fact, strengthens your memory and makes your mind agile. It even helps prevent very serious neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and senile dementia. Studying a new language really has no age and will be a perfect pastime even for a pensioner. You will take care of your health, staving off the dreaded old age as much as possible.

4. Knowing a language makes you love new cultures

To learn and deeply understand a new language, it is not enough to study vocabulary and grammatical rules. Languages are alive, they arise from everyday life, from the habits and customs of the population who use them. So if you really want to learn a second language, you’ll also need to immerse yourself in the culture in which it is spoken. In addition to learning something new, overcoming any mistrust, all this can also be useful in business. In fact, if you want to establish business relationships with professionals in a certain area, it will be easier to gain their trust. A new language can really open your horizons!


conoscere una lingua

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