Whether you are the owner of an agency, an expert translator or someone who is taking his first timid steps, your commitment should be aimed at disseminating your skills and competences, that ‘something’ capable of bringing value to others to make them want to work or collaborate with you.

There are many ways to enhance yourself and intrigue customers and potential customers so that they ask for information on what you can do for them, and there are just as many that we strongly advise you against using.

Among the latter, the most damaging, as well as the most widespread, is offering a free translation quote. So, on the spot, it might seem like a good idea, an easy way to collect contacts and reach many people. But is this really how things are? We invite you to continue reading to understand how dangerous a simple button can be for your business.

Here are five good reasons to never offer a free quote.

When you offer a free translation quote, you draw attention to the price

What is the focus of the service you offer, price or quality? Inviting a reader to request a free quote means drawing their attention to the price and making them think that the most advantageous aspect of your work is the low market cost. In other words, you are devaluing yourself and overshadowing the skills and ability required to do what you do.

Restate the obvious

Most translators and translation agencies offer free quotes. Well yes. There are few who charge before actually carrying out the service. So replace that button that invites you to request a free translation quote with something more functional, such as ‘contact me’ or ‘request a consultation’. In return you will receive customers interested in discussing the terms of the service and the added value you can offer them, rather than people interested in fighting over price.

Reject the “ideal” customer

Let’s be clear, the ideal customer probably doesn’t exist. Working relationships are built over time, with hard and honest work. Trust must be earned and this applies both to you and to your “ideal” customer.

Having made this pedantic premise, it is equally likely that eliminating the ‘free translation quote’ function will keep away both people only interested in saving and those who want everything immediately, without the possibility of a reply, who see you as an expendable frill to achieve a objective in a short time.

You depersonalize your services

Free estimates are the precursor to assembly line work. Although it is good and right to draw up a price grid based on the type of services you offer, it is equally necessary to leave a margin open that takes into account the specificity of each job.

Each case should be evaluated individually based on the difficulty of the task and the value you can offer. Eliminating the ‘free quote’ button allows you to attract customers who understand this concept or who, if they don’t yet understand it, are led to do so through a frank and sincere dialogue with the professional.

The number of words, the hours needed to complete a project, the complexity and technicalities of a language or sector are all very valid criteria to have a starting point for negotiating, but remember that the ‘value’ factor should always find a place and be taken into serious consideration in this equation.

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