LingoYou Academy has been a reference institute in the field of professional training at all levels for over 10 years. It was created with the aim of offering effective and motivating learning and teaching programs differentiated by age group, by level, by subject, both online and in person.

We are one of the largest networks in the world for language training, and we differentiate ourselves by the vast range of services and products, all of high quality and cutting-edge.

LingoYou Academy strongly believes in the importance of study and knowledge “beyond borders”. Knowledge and understanding of humanistic, scientific and linguistic subjects can make a difference in the life course of each individual, on a personal and professional level.

The vast range of offers of LingoYou Academy is aimed at fulfilling every kind of request and need, from private repetitions or recovery of school subjects, to private language training courses for teaching, to language courses with certification, to English courses for companies, preparation for university exams, Italian courses for foreigners.

Our typical customer is aware of his value, eager to unleash his potential and learn. All that LingoYou Academy does is provide the tools, the means, the launching pad so that each of you can feel fulfilled and satisfied. It is committed every day to ensuring the highest quality of the services provided, as well as maximum flexibility in choosing the course to start and immediate results.

The strong point is the teaching method, thanks to the presence and precious intervention of qualified, native speaking teachers. LingoYou Academy chooses only the best for its customers, strictly native speakers specialized and qualified in their native language.

The teaching method consists of the study of grammar and vocabulary, but also of the spoken language. Great attention is placed on teaching the spoken language, through an intense program of interactive and fun lessons and dedicated events, including happy hour conversations, sporting events, musical karaoke and much more.

The LingoYou Academy team knows well how complicated it can sometimes be to choose in-person courses, for technical-logistical travel reasons. For this reason, in order to avoid problems of any kind, it has thought carefully about giving its customers the opportunity to choose between in-person courses and online courses.

The remote language course solution is ideal for those who need to combine school, work and other extra activities with a professional language course. It wouldn’t be right to have to give up your curiosity or passion: LingoYou Academy has created the solution for you!

Precisely because everything can be managed and followed easily remotely, from home or from your office, taking a course remotely would mean saving on travel time on site. The customer himself decides when to start the course, how to attend it, and what level to start from. Naturally, a team member will initially provide orientation consultancy, should it be requested.

Remote and in-person language courses are structured around three different learning methods: semi-individual, individual and collective. LingoYou Academy will present you the most suitable course for you, depending on your requests and needs. An ad hoc course and a native speaker teacher all for you!

While the languages ​​for which courses are available are:

  • English courses
  • Italian courses
  • French courses
  • Spanish courses
  • German courses
  • Portuguese courses
  • Arabic courses
  • Chinese courses
  • Japanese courses
  • Russian courses.

Thanks to many years of experience in the field and the skills acquired over time, our team of native speaking teachers is able to respond to any type of request, ensuring a quick and effective approach to learning a foreign language.

If you are interested in learning more about the language courses that LingoYou Academy offers, please click here. While if you already know which course to sign up for, then click directly on the link registration form!

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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