September 2021, Lido di Venezia: it can only mean one thing, Venice Film Festival. The Biennale del Cinema which began last September 1st offers a program full of previews and film screenings until September 11th.

The 78th edition of the cinema exhibition in Venice started with great enthusiasm and expectation, again this year, in compliance with safety rules and regulations. The splendid and unique Venetian city that is the setting for one of the most extraordinary events of the year.

The city of Venice enchants and amazes everyone, from fellow citizens to foreign tourists with its undisputed and singular beauty.

One of the most beautiful and visited cities in the world, together with Rome and Milan. Thanks to its cultural, artistic and historical richness and its unique and unmistakable landscapes, Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world. The tourism sector is one of the pillars that most influence the city’s economy, due to the high number of visitors from all over the world.

More than 14 million tourists flock to Venice throughout the year, with the aim of wandering around the city’s streets, visiting the typical works of craftsmanship on the islands of Burano and Murano, or in proximity to high-impact international events , like the Film Festival.

Since last year, the Lido of Venice has once again become radiant and hospitable, offering a warm welcome to the jury, to the professional figures from the world of entertainment and cinema, to the actors and actresses who made their entrance on the red carpet catwalk.

This year too, the Festival has provided a program full of new films and cinema stories in absolute preview. Every detail is available on the official website of the Venice Biennale, through which you will also be able to access an important selection of films, revelations, titles, awards through the new Biennale Cinema Channel streaming platform promoted by the Venice Biennale in collaboration with MYmovies, active from July 4th.

An invitation to art, cinema, films and the works of great directors and film authors.

The films presented at the Film Festival are screened in their original language. For international films in a foreign language, the Festival requires the version subtitled in English or Italian. However, for films in English or Italian with strong regional cadences or accents, the presence of subtitles in English or Italian is always recommended.

The work of subtitling, like that of dubbing, is fundamental when the audience in the theater is international in scope. The translator specialized in professional subtitling or dubbing knows that she will have to majestically transpose the original message by translating it into the target language, without it sounding bizarre or unnatural.

The audiovisual translation must take into account the facial expressions, the scenes, the background, the linguistic nuances of the initial message, and re-propose it with the same intensity as the definitive product.

All screenings are in the original language, at most, they are subtitled. Reading subtitles, however, distracts from the plot and scenes because the focus is on reading the text. However, those who love seeing films in the original language have found what they are looking for.

If on the one hand the meaning of dubbing or subtitling serves positively to bring closer the foreign spectator who does not know the original language of the film, on the other hand there are those who maintain that a dubbed film may not reflect the original message in its rendering and that the subtitles can “distract” from the vision and the plot.

It is precisely here that the skill of dubbing actors and subtitling workers in the language is recognised. A good audiovisual translation service consists in making the final message as comprehensible, natural and clear as possible, without causing the viewer to divert attention or turn up their noses.

This is also why the International Voices in the Shadows Festival was born in 1996. A demonstration of love and praise towards the heritage of Italian dubbing.

LingoYou has a network of translators and linguist experts in the magical city of the Serenissima, allowing collaboration with many Venetian and Venetian businesses and companies in the area and offering its commitment to a series of audiovisual and specialist translation services.

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