In recent years, international trade has seen a notable increase in flows between different countries. In 2023, China seems to be one of those with which Italy will have the most commercial contacts, both in terms of imports and exports. The intensification of commercial and financial relations with China will push up the demand from local companies for professionals in the linguistic sector, experts in translations and interpretations in Chinese.

The market trends in 2023 indicate that China is, and will increasingly be, a strategic commercial partner for Italy, and this is not surprising, since we are talking about an economy which, despite having slowed down due to of the pandemic and post-pandemic crisis, has never stopped growing, thanks to a huge market populated by almost 1 and a half billion people.

Adapt products and services to the needs of Chinese customers with professional translations

Many Italian companies will have to adapt their products and services to the needs of Chinese customers, and this will entail the need to translate their marketing materials and commercial documentation into Chinese.

Translating into Chinese is not an easy task, it requires specific skills and in-depth knowledge of the Chinese language and culture. There are many differences between the Chinese language and Western languages, such as Italian, so a generic translation may not be enough to reach Chinese audiences effectively.

For this reason, many Italian companies are seeking professional translation services to ensure they present their brand effectively and appropriately on the Chinese scene. These services include the translation of websites, brochures, catalogues, manuals and technical documentation, and require the collaboration of industry professionals.

The importance of choosing a translation agency that understands Chinese culture and language

In general, finding professional Chinese translators is relatively easy, but the quality of translation services can vary greatly. It is therefore important to look for professionals who not only have extensive experience and specific skills in the sector in which you wish to carry out the translation, but who also have a profound knowledge of Chinese culture and linguistic variety.

China is in fact a country with an extremely complex and stratified structure. Suffice it to say that, even if Mandarin is the official and most spoken language nationally, it is estimated that there are more than 200 different dialects in China, including Wu, Yue, Min, Hakka and many others.

Not all Chinese speak Mandarin as their native language, as some speak one of the regional dialects or minority languages. For example, Cantonese is spoken by many people in the Guangdong region, Hong Kong province and Macau. Some minority languages, such as Tibetan, Mongolian and Uyghur, are also spoken in some regions of the country.

This linguistic diversity can have a significant impact on Chinese language translations. Translations must be done in a way that takes into account the variety of dialects and languages ​​spoken in China, in order to reach the desired audience. Furthermore, choosing the right dialect or language for a particular region or audience is crucial to ensuring a good understanding of the message to be conveyed.

Conquer the Chinese market with LingoYou’s professional translations

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