During the global pandemic period, we have seen an increase in demand for the certified translation service for Covid tests. The work of translators and interpreters for the medical-healthcare sector has been more than fundamental in this historical juncture.

The healthcare sector has been particularly busy with research and analysis for almost years. This has resulted in greater urgency in the dissemination of information and results of scientific experiments. We have therefore attended numerous international conferences and witnessed the publication of accurate medical translations.

Now that we have returned to a certain tranquility and moving abroad is possible again – under certain precautions, and unless otherwise indicated – what is most important to travelers is to make sure they present all the documentation necessary to enter the destination country.

Depending on international rules and regulations in force in each country, the required documentation may vary. For national travel, according to the provisions of the DECREE-LAW of 6 August 2021, n. 111, art. 2, valid from 1 September 2021, the Green Pass or equivalent certificate is necessary to board public and transport means, such as planes, ships, ferries, trains and buses for interregional transport.

As regards travel to or from abroad, the general Italian regulations comply with what is expressed in the Prime Ministerial Decree of 2 March 2021, in the Ordinance of 29 July 2021 extended until 25 October and in the Ordinance of 28 August 2021. The decree holds account of the division of states into five categories, for which different provisions are envisaged.

Many European countries require a certified or sworn translation of the covid test. The translation must be completed by certified medical translators and made official so that it is valid and relevant. Once done by a sworn translator, the sworn translation of the covid test can be delivered to customs, airlines or any other organization that requires a PCR test.

For example, the Spanish government requires translations of the Covid-negative medical certificate into Spanish, English, French or German. If the document is in Italian, then it must necessarily be translated into one of the approved languages. The Russian government requires a negative certificate translated into Russian or English – sometimes even a legalized translation.

The sworn translation of the vaccination or vaccine certification must be complete and exhaustive in the information it transmits. Some data cannot be overlooked: personal data, type of vaccine administered, people with whom one has possibly been in contact at risk of contagion, must be reported clearly and faithfully.

Translations for the healthcare sector, such as in this case the sworn translation of the vaccination certification or the sworn translation of the vaccine, are translations that require significant attention and transparency. Precisely because we are still in a state of health emergency, it is essential that all health documents translated into the language declare the truth of the facts, so as not to compromise not only one’s own health, but also that of others.

LingoYou’s team of professional healthcare translators are ready to perform healthcare translations of all kinds, for every country in the world, for more than 200 languages. Professional translation, for specific fields such as healthcare or bureaucracy, must meet high standards and specific requirements imposed by the government bodies of the countries involved.

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