The pandemic has presented us with many challenges, some very serious, others less so. In its ‘small’ way, the language services sector has also had to face major shocks. The way we work has changed and will continue to change. Fortunately, technology has come to our aid, helping us adapt to new conditions, in various ways. Among these, remote interpreting software should certainly be included.

Remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) platforms replace and complement hardware equipment. They can be used for online events and webinars, as well as for regular on-site conferences with interpreters connecting remotely from the comfort of their homes or specially equipped studios.

Let’s find out together which are the best applications on the market.


Let’s start with the most expensive platform: KUDO. It is both an event platform and a remote simultaneous interpretation platform. Therefore, in case of an online event, KUDO does not need any additional external program such as Zoom or Skype. It supports screen sharing, document uploading, chat messaging (for event participants) and polling, which is a cyclical check on the correct functioning of all connected input/output devices. It also has an interface for participants and interpreters.


Interprefy is an event and CSR platform. Online events can be organized directly on the parent platform or using external programs such as Zoom, Skype, Webex, Microsoft Teams, etc. Although Interprefy has many features and buttons, its interface is more intuitive than that of KUDO. You’ll find the incoming and outgoing language channels in the top panel, including the source language, the relay, and the languages ​​they are interpreted for.


Like KUDO and Interprefy, Voiceboxer is another two-in-one platform that facilitates remote events and interpreting, so you won’t need any other programs to run your online events if you choose to use Voiceboxer.

Voiceboxer’s interface has two video channels, one of which is reserved for slide presentations, the other for viewing speaker video. It also features a variety of audio channels and two default channels for each type of audio.

One of the features that sets Voiceboxer apart from the aforementioned platforms is that there is no microphone button for delivery. This makes it much easier to complete the process on Voiceboxer.


Interactio supports screen sharing, document uploading and chat messaging. Like Voiceboxer, it also has a separate interface for event participants and performers.

By default, the interpreter interface has two audio channels in and out, but it also gives the possibility to add more. Unlike many other platforms, Interactio indicates the interpreter’s streaming time.


Rafiky provides a set of software tools to manage, access and monitor multilingual events and provide simultaneous oral translation to participants connecting from anywhere in the world. The software stands out for its minimal and intuitive panel and for its simplicity of use: once the Token provided by Team Rafiky has been entered on the login page, the only thing participants have to do is choose, with a single click, the language of preference. Rafiky can also scale to accommodate thousands of listeners, unlimited language requirements, and multiple access points.

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