Are you looking for a translation service for your company? Perhaps you are then wondering whether it is better to turn to a translation agency or a freelance translator.

Working closely with foreign companies has now become the norm for every competitive company. This is because, thanks to new digital tools, it is possible to communicate in real time with the best professionals around the world. Therefore, more and more representatives of the business sector are looking for translators who can support them in communications with foreign partners.

However, looking for a translator suited to your needs is not always an easy task. Finding the right professional, able to adapt to our particular niche, could actually prove to be a real challenge! Let’s find out together which option is best for your company.

Freelance translators: strengths and weaknesses

If this is the first time you find yourself needing a translator, you may not know who to turn to. First, stop and think about your real needs. Do you need a short translation or a stable service over time? Do you have to meet very tight deadlines? Which and how many languages ​​will be used? Much, in fact, depends on the characteristics of your project. Its size, deadlines, target language, source language, the sector you work in, and so on. When you are clear on these aspects, it will be easier for you to choose between a freelancer or a translation agency.

If you are looking for a translator for occasional and non-urgent work, a freelancer could be for you. These professionals, generally available online, are in fact able to guarantee an excellent service at reasonable prices. Especially for jobs that are not too complex, it could be the best solution. The offer on the web is truly vast and it is safe to patiently find the person specialized in the specific niche you need.

However, given the large number of online translators, finding the right one could take a lot of precious time and energy. Furthermore, you will often find yourself lost in long negotiations or, even worse, inconclusive conversations. If you then prefer to hire only professionals with excellent references, the costs will probably no longer be so low. What to do then?


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Translation agency: the best solution

If you are looking for more organized, stable and guaranteed work over time, a specialized translation agency could prove to be the best solution. An agency, in fact, is able to manage much larger projects, taking less time than a single freelancer. Furthermore, he is able to assign you the perfect professional for your needs rather quickly. You will therefore not have to search the web yourself to find the freelancer to assign the translation to.

All things considered, if you are looking for a quicker, faster and more reliable solution for your business, a good translation agency could really save you. Furthermore, it does not only deal with the translation of texts, but offers support on multiple fronts, with a team of specific linguists and extra services included.

LingoYou: our translation agency

LingoYou, thanks to its many years of experience, guarantees companies a complete and versatile service, capable of responding promptly to every request. We offer a wide range of language services of the highest quality and competitiveness, as well as 24-hour customer support.

Our team is therefore able to follow you from the beginning to the conclusion of your project, always ensuring maximum professionalism and speed. We also have 23 offices spread across 9 different countries, including our beautiful translation agency in Milan. Are you looking for a translation service in Rome instead? Again, LingoYou is here to help!

Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a free quote, in a few minutes we will find the best solution for your company. Together, we assure you, we will reach new and important goals!

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