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Translation agencies are one of the fastest growing businesses in recent years. The development in the sector of translation, interpreting and linguistic mediation is due to a growth in the world economy and the phenomenon of international globism.

Factors such as interaction, dialogue and comparison between different generations, countries and cultures have influenced a growing demand for professional figures responsible for natural and effective communication between the parties. The demand for expert interpreters and linguists has been directly proportional to the increase in connections and collaborations between nations. More nations involved means more cultures and more languages. More cultures and more languages ​​means more cultural and linguistic barriers. More barriers means more translators and linguist mediators.

We are fortunate to live in a multi-diverse and multi-ethnic world. Knowing the different, the new is an instinct of human nature. Curiosity pushes us and attracts us to countries, cultures and realities different from the familiar one. Or local, in the economic sense. A company that intends to open its doors abroad knows how challenging expansion abroad can be. Many opportunities on the horizon, but also risks around the corner.

Peter Krause said, “It sounds so corny, but in relationships, you have to communicate.” It’s really true. The great power and means of man is communication. At the basis of every relationship, be it personal, corporate, professional, there is the ability to communicate, interact and relate. To be able to establish contact with the counterparty in the business field, it is important to get closer to them, deploying interpersonal skills, empathy and business etiquette rules.

The matter is even more delicate when the two parties are of different nationalities. Therefore when the barriers that stand in the way are not only of a physical nature, but also and above all linguistic and cultural.

Being able to communicate with a foreign counterpart means being able to win over the interlocutor and let yourself be won over. An attempt at communication is successful when communication develops on the same level, albeit with different languages.

The characteristics that translation companies must have

To overcome language barriers, more and more companies and multinationals rely on translation agencies, which provide specialized translation and interpreting services. The role of expert linguists is increasingly required to complete commercial and business negotiations.

  1. Linguists specialized in their own language and in their own sector of reference give one hundred percent to their work to encourage a successful dialogue between the parties involved. By using their skills, competences and abilities acquired over the years of specialization and experience in the field, they can guarantee a professional and high-quality translation service. A professional linguist knows the linguistic and cultural nuances of the parties inside out, and leverages these to find a balance and ensure maximum transparency in the translation. LingoYou offers translation and localization services, audiovisual language services and multilingual marketing, certified translation services for more than 250 languages. It always puts the interests of its customers first, and makes their objectives its own mission.
  2. The same transparency that a professional translation agency must maintain in the provision of its services and in the communication of specific and general information. A team of dedicated account managers and a customer care service prepared to receive and fulfill all requests from its customers. An inadequately prepared customer care service can generate dissatisfaction on the part of potential customers.
  3. Last but not least, keeping up with the times. A translation agency that literally wants to make a splash in the future must know how to move in the market with omnichanel strategies. The trend of continuous growth in digital and the support for technological resources show us how much today’s society is evolving in a virtual sense. Without underestimating, but rather taking advantage of human resources, and making intelligent use of technology, the modern and innovative combination of LingoYou is able to provide quality services, in a professional, fast and effective way.

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