Translation agencies are not all the same, for many reasons. A first distinction that is often not given due attention is that between agencies that work for private individuals and those that work for companies.

If you are the head of a company and are looking for a reliable professional translation service, you should consider the risk of relying on an agency that only caters to private individuals, with all that that entails.

Differences between translation agencies for individuals and companies

The main difference has to do with the skills of the professionals. An agency that caters to companies must necessarily rely on professionals specialized in specific sectors, i.e. those of the company requesting the service.

If you are a company that deals with accounting and financial statements, for example, the translation of your documents will necessarily have to pass through the hands of a translator who has skills in the economic field. The same goes if you want to translate the website of your cybersecurity business; also in this case you will need a translator who knows the topic so that he can offer you effective localization of the texts.

Generic translations for private individuals

Private individuals usually need translations of short documents that require a basic literal translation (identity cards, birth certificates, etc.).

Translation agencies that work for private individuals are generally very flexible in choosing their translators. This means that there are few or no barriers to entry and that they tend to hire first-time translators without specialist skills. Given the lack of experience of the figures they involve in their projects, this type of agency plays a lot on the price factor and offers services at negligible costs.

On the other hand, keep in mind that the final result of the work is not always satisfactory: it is easy for low-cost translations to end up being full of errors, typos, approximations and omissions. But often it is not a problem of lack of competence, but rather of a method flawed at the source.

LingoYou, professional translation services for companies

Unlike translation agencies that cater to everyone, LingoYou specializes in business services. Our translators have 5+ years of specific experience in their field of expertise. The oiled gears of our machine guarantee you a punctual and quality service, even for large quantities of orders.

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