You need a translation, but you are undecided whether to request the services of a freelancer or a translation agency. In this post, we will first take a quick look at the Italian translation landscape and then help you understand what the differences are between a freelance translator and a translation agency, so that you can make an informed decision on the type of professional to turn to for your editorial project.

How many translators are there in Italy?

Let’s say straight away that there are no certain data or rigorous studies to answer this question precisely. Having said this, Aiti, the Italian association of translators and interpreters, estimates that there are around 15,000 translators in the Bel Paese. In fact, it must be considered that in Italy there is no professional register of translators, which means that potentially anyone can propose themselves as such.

The lack of official regulation and register of the profession is one of the reasons why those who need a translation service often don’t know how to orient themselves or who to turn to. Although there are exceptional professionals with indisputable skills in our country, the saturation of the market sometimes makes it challenging to find them. In addition, the simplicity with which it is possible to improvise as translators can be a harbinger of poor quality work and ‘rip-offs’ for the client.

What are the differences between translation agencies and freelance translators?

Translation is an investment and it is your right to know exactly what service you are paying for. There are two main ways to purchase translations: either you purchase the services directly from the source (e.g. a freelance translator), or you purchase from a translation agency. Each of these options provides a different level of service, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

What freelance translators offer

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a freelance translator is the possibility of establishing direct communication with the professional. There are no intermediaries between you and the translator. A freelancer is also generally more convenient from an economic point of view (but this is not a fixed rule).

However, you will probably spend a lot of time looking for the right translator. This is because you need an expert translator in both the source and target languages, who has experience in your specific industry. In addition, unless you establish an ongoing, long-term relationship with the translator, you will have to deal with a certain degree of uncertainty regarding delivery times. Freelancers, in fact, work for many clients at the same time and have to take care of the organizational part themselves, with all the difficulties that this entails.

What translation agencies offer

Although translation agencies tend to be more expensive than freelance translators, in return they provide high-quality translations, within certain and well-defined deadlines.

Translation agencies have a large network of translators and select for each project only those best suited to the client’s needs. This means being able to count on quality translations into a large variety of languages, quickly.

Translation agencies add value to translations by providing additional services. They manage their clients’ translation projects from start to finish. Good agencies, those that work with professional ethics, are a great help when you need to translate something into multiple languages ​​or your translation requires a multi-step workflow (such as editing and proofreading). Agencies have access to a wide range of language partners, so they have all the means and resources to find the most suitable translator for your project.

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