When people talk about translation, they often think of it as simply converting text from one language to another. However, to be considered good, a translation is much more than this. In addition to speaking the words in the desired language, a professional in the sector must complete other tasks. For example, he must worry about localizing and revising texts, to make the reading of the translated document fluid.

Not all translators, however, dedicate enough time to revision, ending up neglecting this fundamental step. In other cases, however, it is the customer himself who underestimates or refuses the service, perhaps thinking of saving money. By doing so, in reality, he risks obtaining a poor and not positive result for himself or his company!

Let’s find out together what text revision actually consists of and why it is important to always carry it out accurately.

Text revision: what it is and why it is important

Text revision refers to the entire set of changes and improvements that the document undergoes after being translated. In fact, after a preliminary analysis of the accuracy of the translation, the reviser proceeds to correct any linguistic, lexical or stylistic errors. These include, for example:

  • I refused
  • The repetitions
  • Omissions or typing errors
  • Grammatical, spelling or syntactic errors
  • Lexical and stylistic errors

Furthermore, the professionals in this sector also take care of correctly layout and formatting the document in question. In fact, the appearance of a text is just as important as its content! As interesting as the information in the document may be, if poorly presented, it can lead to a loss of attention on the part of the reader. Especially in the marketing or publishing fields, therefore, layout plays a fundamental role.

Each job is then carried out by a translator with skills related to the reference sector and the technical terminology used. As we explained in our post on localization, in fact, contextualizing a document allows its content to be communicated more effectively.

Furthermore, a professional is able to obtain a text that does not appear to be the result of a mechanical translation. Indeed, the more natural and pleasant the reading of the document produced is, the more good the work will be considered. Revision is essential, therefore, to verify the coherence and fluidity of the text, making reading pleasant and informative.

In addition to eliminating formal errors, therefore, those who revise the text ensure that it is easy to understand or read. Only at the end of numerous rereadings and checks does the auditor establish that the product is ready for delivery.

Revisione testi

Revision service: the LingoYou offer

Text revision requires specific linguistic-cultural experience and skills to be performed successfully. It is essential, in fact, to know precise terminology, in relation to the reference sector and the target audience. Therefore, to obtain good results, it is important to rely on highly qualified translation professionals.

LingoYou, thanks to its many years of experience, has all this clear. Therefore, we have selected the best linguists and interpreters to guarantee you an always professional and quality review. Our proofreading services will exceed your expectations, as we have always strived to offer the best proofreading services.

Our translation proofreading service guarantees linguistic accuracy for everything your company needs. Only at the end of the review process, combined with the optimization process, will your translation be complete and considered deliverable.

Try our text translation service, you will notice the difference!

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