Do you need a sworn translation of some documents, perhaps for a change of residence or for work reasons? All you need is to provide us with the documents. We at LingoYou will take care of everything! But let’s see together in detail what it is.

What is a sworn translation?

The first thing that differs from the certified translation is the nature of the documents that are suitable for the sworn translation. In fact, in this case we are talking about documents with legal value. The same value which must then also be transmitted and ensured in the translated document. Generally all documents that concern the world of international trade are considered, but also scholastic, notary and registry documents. The need to recognize the legal validity of both the original document and the translated one therefore implies a longer and more elaborate procedure.

The sworn translation into English is mandatory for countries outside the European Union or outside the Hague Convention, i.e. when the translation must also be legalised. So if you have to present the translation of chamber of commerce certificates in China, you are also obliged to have them legalized. If it concerns English-speaking countries, a certified translation is generally sufficient.

Sworn translations contain a field of action characterized by highly specialized skills and certified qualifications of official translators. It is therefore advisable to avoid making do with your own means and instead rely on expert agencies.

Practice dictates that…

Once the document to be translated has been delivered to the translation agency, the entrusted translator first performs the translation. Since these are legal documents, a high degree of meticulousness is therefore necessary in fully respecting the structure and components of the original document. Nothing must be left to chance. Then, nonverbal components – such as stamps, seals and dates – are carefully transposed and described in the translation. If the document presents points of poor comprehensibility or readability, the sworn translator will specify this in the relevant footnotes. Subsequently, it is common practice for the sworn translator to go to Court to swear that he has faithfully fulfilled the functions entrusted to him.

Operating nationwide, LingoYou has the ability to process the case in any court, peace office or notary. In fact, belonging to the city in which the document is issued is not linked to the city in which the official certification takes place. The translation agency has a vast network of offices and judicial structures that are also less congested by work traffic. If you have limited time and a certain urgency, entrusting the entire practice of sworn legal translations to a translation agency will certainly be favorable.

The sworn statement

The sworn translation is also known as the sworn translation. This is because when the sworn translator goes to court or to any other judicial office in the national territory, he is called to officially contemplate in written form the oath report, also known as sworn certification.

The translator, equipped with the original, the translation and the report, performs a formula published in front of the chancellor or a public official to give legal value to his work. The translator thus assumes total civil and legal responsibility for the work carried out. Finally, the chancellor in turn verifies the validity by countersigning and stamping the certification.

The entire documentation stapled together in a single file is ready to be delivered into the hands of the holder. LingoYou undertakes to deliver the entire corpus to you within a few working days.

The laborious bureaucratic procedure is often quibbled and not very linear. Especially if we are dealing with non-European countries or legal documents, for which often complex and detailed rules apply. It is therefore a good idea to rely on professionals in the sector who know the “rules of the game” perfectly.

Do you want to know if your specific case requires a certified translation? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here at your disposal!

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