Certified translations are an essential service for anyone who needs documents translated into a foreign language with legal validity. Whether legal documents, contracts, academic papers, or anything else, sworn translations are essential to ensure the authenticity and validity of such documents abroad. But how much does a sworn translation actually cost? In this article, we will look at what a sworn translation means and analyze the factors that contribute to its cost.

What does a sworn translation consist of?

A sworn translation is an official translation of a document issued by a sworn translator. A sworn translator is a person authorized by the state to certify the translation of official documents. These documents may include birth certificates, academic diplomas, legal contracts, notarial acts, and more. A sworn translation certifies that the translation was done accurately and that the translator is competent in the target language and the source language.

What documents require a sworn translation?

Many documents may require a sworn translation when presented in a foreign country. These documents may vary from country to country, but below are some common examples of documents that require sworn translation:

  • Birth and Marriage Certificates: If you need to present a birth or marriage certificate in a foreign country, a sworn translation is often required.
  • Academic documents: If you are looking to study abroad or need to submit your degrees to foreign institutions, you may need to have your diplomas and academic certificates translated.
  • Legal contracts: For legal contracts, such as business agreements or employment contracts, sworn translations are often required to ensure that the parties involved fully understand the content.
  • Notarial documents: Notarial acts, legal texts and legal documents often require sworn translations when they are to be used abroad.

How much does a sworn translation cost?

The cost of a sworn translation can vary greatly depending on several factors. Some of the main factors that influence the cost include:

  • Length of the document: The cost of a sworn translation is often calculated based on the number of words or pages in the document to be translated and the presence of revenue stamps. The longer the document, the higher the cost.
  • Text complexity: The complexity of the text can affect the cost. Documents with technical or legal language may require more time and expertise on the part of the translator, which can increase the cost.
  • Languages involved: The combination of languages involved in the translation can affect the cost. Translations between less common or less widely used languages may cost more.
  • Urgency: If you need a sworn translation within a short period of time, you may have to pay an extra fee for the urgent service.

How to get a sworn translation at an affordable cost

If you need a sworn translation but want to keep costs under control, there are some strategies you can adopt:

  • Advance planning: If possible, plan ahead and do not wait until the last minute to request a sworn translation. Urgent rates are often higher, and the cost of translations may increase significantly.
  • Simplify the text: If the document contains non-essential parts or repetition, consider simplifying it to reduce the number of words to be translated.
  • Rely on professionals in the field: If you are looking for reliable sworn translation services, LingoYou is your solution. With years of experience in the industry and a team of highly qualified sworn translators, LingoYou offers high-quality sworn translations at competitive prices. You can count on them to ensure that your documents are translated with accuracy and authenticity.

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