One of the most important services offered by interpreting and often the subject of heated discussions is certainly that of subtitling. If you use Netflix or similar platforms, you will probably have watched a film or series in the original language. Not chewing it well, I would perhaps have activated the translation with subtitles, in the hope of better understanding the plot and dialogues inserted.

Often, however, you will have realized that the service offered is not of quality. Between distorted meanings, poor readability and lack of synchrony, the lived experience can become truly unpleasant. All this leads people to not understand or, even worse, abandon the vision as soon as possible. As you will understand from this simple example, good subtitling is essential to being able to convey a message effectively. If we then talk about companies and businesses, the importance of this service becomes even more evident.

But what is subtitling really and why is it so important to offer a good audiovisual translation?

Subtitling: what it is and why it matters

Let’s start by clarifying what we mean by translation with subtitles. Subtitling refers to a method of audiovisual translation, which transcribes dialogues into a language other than the original one. To do this, subtitles are inserted in the lower or upper band of the media being played.

Although it may seem like a trivial operation, translating with subtitles hides several difficulties. The entire process, in fact, is extremely delicate, as it involves an adaptation of the contents and not just a simple transcription. In the subtitles the original message expressed must be respected and transferred, interpreting its meaning beyond the mere literal translation. Furthermore, subtitling includes a series of well-defined key points to be considered of quality.

First of all, given the limited space in which subtitles can be inserted, these must be short but explanatory. They must remain faithful to the content covered, touching on all the topics, in a quick but always readable way. In fact, those who use subtitles must be able to fully grasp the discussion without reading difficulties. All of this, obviously, respecting the timing of the dialogues in question: the synchronization between spoken and written must be perfect.

As you will understand, it is therefore a rather complicated process, which if handled incorrectly can cause various inconveniences. In fact, sloping subtitling can create serious difficulties for the viewer, both in understanding and in using the contents. In fact, if a text is poorly translated and interpreted, it will not be possible to grasp all the nuances of the discussion. If, however, the subtitles are not synchronized or clearly readable, there will be a decline in user interest and attention. If your goal is to use an audiovisual translation service for your business, therefore, rely only on professionals! In this way, you will obtain excellent results and a sure benefit for your company.

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LingoYou: our offer

Do you want to spread your audiovisual content globally and thus reach an increasingly wider audience? Are you looking for a quality and guaranteed service? LingoYou subtitling services are then the ideal solution for you!

A team of selected expert translators and linguists will provide you with a professional translation service with subtitles, thanks to which you will be able to enhance your presence on the international market and expand your business. Relying on us means finally being able to make use of a competent audiovisual translation service, based on the experience gained over the years.

We firmly believe in what we do and put all our effort into ensuring flawless subtitling. After careful consultation, we will be able to show you the best service for your needs. Together, we will achieve great successes!

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