Audiovisual translation is an art: it involves a number of specialized techniques and approaches. We work with different file formats to provide you with a smooth, faithful and localized version of your original text.

Subtitling audiovisual content requires qualified professional translators with extensive knowledge of the language, technology and culture. It doesn’t matter what your multimedia project is; at LingoYou we have the right linguist for you.

Translation agency specializing in subtitling services

When translating video subtitles, keep in mind that the source text does not just consist of a dialogue or monologue. There are other characteristics of audiovisual content that make it necessary to use a limited number of characters and various readability parameters to easily provide subtitles while they are visible on the screen.

Of course, the subtitles must be in sync with the audio and dialogue. Our expert subtitle translators have the skills needed to meet the complexity and technical requirements of audiovisual translation projects.

We prepare subtitles for the deaf or hard of hearing (SPS), using hidden subtitles. This system makes content accessible so that anyone can follow a film or television series without missing details. SPS use a color coding system to identify sound effects, characters, voiceovers, etc. For example, birds singing, a narration, the screeching of tires, etc.

Subtitled videos are a means to reach new targets

Subtitles are an effective tool for reaching new targets. These translated texts are simply inserted at the bottom of the corresponding video. This means that with minimal effort a presentation or campaign can be promoted abroad. Through the use of subtitles, any production, small or large, can be prepared in a very short time for distribution in other countries without delay. In addition to being cheaper than, for example, dubbing services, subtitled videos also have the great advantage of being able to be understood by deaf or hard-of-hearing people.

Professional translation services

At LingoYou we assign subtitling projects only to expert linguists with a solid technical background, which allows them to work with various file formats and deliver perfectly translated and transcribed ones.

Our audiovisual translators are passionate about the multimedia world, with sharp and creative minds; capable of accurately conveying the message of your corporate videos, films or promotional films. Some also work in the industry as directors, writers or producers of audiovisual content.

As in every sector of the translation industry, it is essential to hire translators specialized in the commercial field of your company, capable of developing your audiovisual project and providing optimal results. The LingoYou translation agency has assembled a team of professionals in the translation of multimedia content, qualified experts who will help you boost your business and spread your message without any kind of language or cultural barrier.

LingoYou – Professional subtitling services

Do you need a professional audiovisual translation? Look no further than LingoYou; is a professional translation agency with a team of certified subtitles in all the languages you might need. We work daily in constant contact with our customers to answer any of their doubts or questions. Contact us today.

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