When and why to choose SEO translation instead of traditional translations


Search engines – Google in particular – favor sites that are able to welcome their visitors clearly.

All well-linked pages, which have high readability and an equally high level of usability, are brought up in the SERP (search page) results.

The higher your site ranks, the more likely new customers will be able to find it and use it.

The purpose of SEO techniques is exactly this, to improve the positioning of your platform and make it more “attractive” for search engines.

Unfortunately, keywords and SEO language change from country to country.

Even the smallest linguistic differences can ruin your positioning, making all the work done previously in vain.

Translating your content to access an international audience is always a good idea, but you have to do it with full knowledge of the facts.

SEO translation is the best option for growing online in a homogeneous way, ensuring each visitor a coherent and functional translation.

What is SEO translation?

SEO translation allows owners of websites and online platforms to translate their content in an optimized way.

Compared to traditional translation, which involves the simple conversion of terms from one language to another, SEO translation also focuses on optimization techniques.

Since SEO varies from country to country, translators take the differences into account and carry out optimized translation work.

This means that part of the site optimization process is “saved”. With just one service you will easily be able to translate your content (create a multilingual site) and optimize it in different countries around the world.

Your online performance and positioning will be positively affected, and your growth will occur much faster.

Instead of having to pay two professionals – a translator and an SEO expert – you will pay for a single service and will only have to intervene on the content once.

Convenient, right?



The advantages of optimized translation

The multilingual marketing translations offered by LingoYou allow you to stand out from most platforms.

An SEO-optimized translation is a useful tool for your business, a key element in transforming you into an internationally operating company.

A simple translation is not enough for you, it must be optimized.

The translation of our experts is able to offer you significant advantages, which will be difficult to say no to.

Not only do you save on the cost of translation, but you also ensure better performance and better positioning.

Our translators make sure to respect the language of the translation and consider all linguistic and cultural differences.

SEO translations are also advantageous because they respect different languages; they ensure that your message is clear to anyone who enters the site, regardless of the language spoken.


Choosing to rely on a traditional SEO service provided by an expert translation agency like LingoYou is the best way to reach the top of the search engines.

Optimized translation helps you get the most out of your services, attracting an audience of customers who are truly interested in what you have to offer.

The time to grow online is now, thanks to the features offered by LingoYou.

We are waiting for you!



LingoYou Marketing Team 

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