Translations of scientific research and the entire medical-health sector require specialized expertise in the scientific subject, as well as excellent command of the languages ​​involved in the translation.

The world of science is constantly evolving: every year, researchers and scholars from all over the world contribute to development in the scientific, technological, medical and healthcare fields, making use of their knowledge and skills acquired through years of study and research.

The term “scientific” is applicable to all those subjects which, through the scientific method, manage to obtain verifiable, shareable and objective answers and demonstrations. The scope of the adjective “scientific” is valid in the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals, biology and veterinary medicine, engineering and physics, psychology and more.

Pharmaceutical translation services are mainly requested for the translation of highly confidential information leaflets, labels and leaflets.

Translations of scientific research and everything that falls within the “scientific” spectrum must necessarily be carried out by specialists in the sector, who are capable of using technical and specific terminology, of calibrating the language and style based on the target audience . Information of scientific value must be interpreted, re-elaborated and conveyed to non-experts in such a way that it is easily understandable and exhaustive. The recipients of information and dissemination documents – as in the case of leaflets or drug information leaflets – do not, in most cases, have such in-depth and technical mastery and knowledge of the scientific world.

Scientific translations require greater attention in terms of fidelity, relevance and transparency of the translation. Since the material and content concerns the scientific and medical-health fields, the processing of data and information must automatically comply with international standards and regulations in the individual and public interest. Information contained in documents such as scientific research or information leaflets is very sensitive. Therefore, the translation of information leaflets or vaccine leaflets must follow very specific measures, with a view to transposing messages and information relating to personal well-being and that of the entire community.

In the scientific field, it is therefore imperative and fundamental that scientific translations are reliable, consistent with the subject matter and information and faithful to the original text

The translators of the LingoYou network operate exclusively within their own range of action and in their own field of expertise and specialization. This makes the translation process easier and more effective. Our translators ensure maximum professionalism and fidelity in the transposition and drafting of translations in the scientific field.

Producing a scientific translation in an exemplary and correct way implies relying on professional translators and experts in the relevant sector. When the translation of the vaccine leaflet or information leaflets is carried out by industry experts with many years of experience in the field, then you are sure of a quality and accurate translation.

The choice of the translator who carries out translations of scientific research is made by LingoYou on the basis of very specific criteria. First of all, an excellent knowledge of the languages ​​involved in the translation. Secondly, adequate preparation in the relevant scientific field.

LingoYou is always looking for new talent to include in its network of professional and experienced interpreters and translators. If you are also a specialized translator and want to be part of a young and dynamic group, contact us now! We are waiting!

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