The process of obtaining citizenship can be complex and is often a harbinger of frustration. The documents to be presented are different and must be provided according to the meticulous rules required by the Public Administration.

Some of the necessary documents, obviously, relate to situations that come from the applicant’s country of origin and, therefore, are in the native language. As with all translations requested by the Public Administration, the standard is that of certified translation. But which types? Let’s discover together the various documents and the types of translation necessary for each of them.

What is a certified translation

A certified translation is essentially a document accompanied by a translator’s declaration through which the correctness of the content in the transition from the original language to the target language is certified and guaranteed.

In short, a certified translation is a formal declaration in which a translator demonstrates that he has accurately translated, for example into English, a document originally in Italian.

A certified translation must be:

Complete: There should be no missing information in the translation, no matter how small or insignificant the oversight may be. The translated copy must reflect, both in substance and format, the document in the original language.

Correct: the certified translation of the document into the original language must be carried out correctly and using the corresponding linguistic terminology; which often requires an expert translator.

Reliable: certified translations are delivered to government offices and consulates, therefore it is of fundamental importance that the latter can contact the person who certified the documents when necessary. This is why reputable translators and agencies put their contact information on the translated and certified documents.

The difference between sworn and certified translations

Although they are often confused, sworn translators and certified translators are two distinct figures. A sworn translator is a person specialized in translation who has legal skills. He generally works within courts to help judges draft official documents in a foreign language. It is therefore a kind of technical consultant.

The certified translator, on the other hand, is not a hyper-specialised figure, although his work requires knowledge and skills of the highest level, given the importance of what is at stake. Long story short, any translator or translation agency can certify a document, as long as it is verified for accuracy and completeness and that it does not undergo changes after being certified.

A certified translation must be accompanied by a certification statement from the translator himself. Inside, the translator must include:

His qualifications.

• A statement affirming the completeness and accuracy of the document.

• Identification of the translated document and language.

• Your name, signature and date.

What certified documents are needed to apply for citizenship

The documents to be certified to obtain citizenship in a foreign country vary both based on the laws of the country in which you wish to forward the request and on those of the candidate’s country of origin. The range of cases is wide and also depends on the personal situation of each applicant. Think of the United States, for example: holders of the Green Card, i.e. the residence permit granted by the government body responsible for immigration and citizenship (USCIS), who request naturalization based on their marriage to a US citizen, they must provide additional documentation than other applicants, such as a marriage certificate and spouse’s US passport.

As a general rule, the documents you will need to provide include those relating to your birth certificate, your current marital status and that relating to your medical condition.

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