If you are a professional, regardless of the nature of your work, you will probably often need quality specialist translations. However, it is not always easy to find a translator or agency specializing in the sector in which you operate. If you’re thinking that it’s not that important and that technical language is enough to translate, you’re very wrong! Think about scientific or legal translations: getting even just one comma of the text wrong could cause serious problems.

The sectors in which companies operate, as you will know well, are the most disparate. However, they all have one thing in common: they need professional translations. In fact, in an increasingly cosmopolitan and multilingual world, translating technical texts is now the order of the day. Why is it so important to turn to a translator specialized in our sector? The answer is simple: only a person who deeply knows our work will be able to explain it correctly to a foreign interlocutor. In fact, the content of a text goes beyond the technical language used. What, therefore, is the secret to obtaining quality specialist translations for each sector?

Specialist translations: the importance of a quality result for each sector

Let’s analyze some specific cases together, it will be easier to understand what we are talking about. Think, for example, of scientific translations. These can refer to contents of all kinds, from official publications to medicine leaflets. As you will understand, it is essential to be able to correctly translate what is written in these documents. In fact, this is information that can directly impact people’s lives or international projects. If the translator did not have the notions and regulations of the country clear in mind, a real hornet’s nest would break out. Potentially, banned medicines could be introduced or the dosage of a product wrong in a country.

The same goes for legal translations, perhaps of patents or product data sheets. Even in this case, it will not be enough to translate the text word for word. In fact, it will be necessary to know perfectly the regulations of the country for which the text is intended, in order to avoid export blocks. The same goes for technical translations, where an incorrect maintenance manual could cause problems for a machine. In this case, the manufacturing company would have to pay any damages.

And what about marketing or financial statement translations? In the first case, everything translated must be carefully localized to be equally powerful in each country. If an advertisement, for example, were to be out of place in a country for religious reasons, an international scandal would erupt. The “indicted” manufacturing company would not only suffer economic damage but also image damage. A similar argument applies to corporate translations. In the case of multinationals where an annual budget is drawn up, it will not be enough to write down some figures. In fact, it will be necessary to know the regulations perfectly and which items must be included in the budget depending on the individual country.

Traduzioni specialistiche marketing

LingoYou: the translation agency for all your needs

As you may have understood, obtaining quality specialist translations in your sector is not that simple. You will need to find the translator closest to your niche, capable of perfectly localizing your text. But how do you write the perfect native speaker for you? Simple, just rely on the professionalism of a professional translation agency like LingoYou!

LingoYou, thanks to its many years of experience, will always be able to point you to the perfect professional translator for you. Our collaborators, in fact, carry out specialist translations precisely in the sector in which you operate and will always know how to adequately localize your texts. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation, together we will reach new and important goals.

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