Returning to talking about the tourism sector, after two long years of the pandemic, is truly exciting. If last summer we experienced a first reopening of activities, this 2022 promises to be the true year of recovery. Precisely for this reason, if you are a manager or work in a company in the tourism sector, you will probably have a dire need of professional translations.

From brochures to activity websites, in fact, preparing for the arrival of foreign tourists in time is truly a priority. Indeed, we want to go even further: a marketing translation and localization of your site are essential to increase your customers! Let’s discover together the potential of professional translations in the tourism sector and why it is important to localize your products.

Professional translations and the tourism sector: marketing through words

Working in the tourism sector means coming into contact with people of all nationalities every day. For this reason, everything you create in Italian needs to be professionally translated into the most popular languages. However, to save money, many managers decide to rely on online automatic translators, sometimes obtaining hilarious results. Think, for example, of the literal translations of dishes: the correct coffee in English becomes… the proper (polite) coffee! As absurd as it may seem, translations of this level continue to be present on the brochures and menus of many businesses.

At the same time, some marketing translations are completely meaningless to a foreign guest. This happens, for example, if we try to translate idioms or terms linked to our Italian imagination. In addition to translating a text, it is important to interpret its meaning. Especially when we require multilingual marketing translations, perhaps for a website or a regulation, it is essential to localize the contents. This means that we must explain our culture to Customers through words, but using concepts close to theirs.

Why is it so important to take care of website translation and text localization? All the content we produce in the marketing field is designed to gain people’s attention. If a text in Italian is very powerful, however, it does not mean it is also powerful in other languages. This is because perhaps he plays with phrases, sayings, images or characters known only to Italians. If you therefore want to achieve the same impact on a foreign customer, you have to change your “emotional grammar“. You must use its culture, its imagery and its symbols to convey the same meaning as the original message.

Traduzioni professionali turismo

LingoYou: the best marketing translation for the tourism sector

The operation we have analyzed is certainly not easy, but with the help of a professional translator we can achieve exceptional results. Localizing a website and carrying out a professional translation will allow you to gain the trust of customers and, consequently, increase your income. For this reason, it is best to rely on an agency of highly qualified translators and interpreters.

LingoYou, thanks to its many years of experience, is able to offer you the best multilingual marketing translations and website localization on the market today. Precisely for the tourism sector, we have concentrated our efforts on creating impeccable translations of brochures and websites.

LingoYou offers a highly flexible service tailored to the realities with which it collaborates. After a free consultation, we will be able to show you the best professional for you, finding the native translator specialized in your company’s sector. If you are looking for a collaboration that brings prestige to your business and helps you grow, LingoYou is here to support you. Together, we will achieve great results.

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