Participation in international fairs abroad or in Italy, according to traditional marketing strategies, presupposes adequate preparation of materials and contents according to text localization or website localization procedures.

Organize to participate in the international fair: from text localization and beyond

For small and medium-sized Italian companies, marketing abroad can be a turning point or a further source of profit for their business activity. But entering abroad means first of all coming into contact with suppliers and customers. How can a company facilitate this phase of discovery and confirmation of identity and brand awareness in foreign territory? One of the most popular ways for Italian SMEs is to participate in international conferences and fairs abroad.

Generally, a large, international event requires impeccable work and well-structured organisation. Commercial activities, which can participate – by registering for the event, via the web portal – know that fairs and conferences of this caliber are an opportunity to make themselves known, make agreements and sign contracts.

Just as a fair is carefully organized down to every single detail – so as to allow participants to enjoy every included service and live an unforgettable experience – so on the other hand the company that enters the trade fair world knows that it must deal with some factors determining its eventual success.

Most trade fairs and conferences are held in large cities and major metropolises around the world. This means a large flow of tourists, both local and international. Your mission is to generate leads, and win new customers. To succeed, it will be essential to ensure effective and clear communication. Therefore, the linguistic factor is one of the aspects to keep under control.

Intervention of a simultaneous interpreter

It may be necessary or useful to have a linguist mediator or an interpreter specialized in your sector throughout your participation in the event: agencies such as Rafiky, an expert in the field of interpreting, provide remote interpreters, professionals and native speakers who can provide you linguistic mediation services necessary for commercial negotiations.

Communication in written form: text localization and website localization

Another facet to consider, again in the linguistic field, is communication in written form, such as texts, documents and web content. Communicating easily and with great professionalism with your interlocutors means knowing how to understand and respect the nuances and characteristics of their language and culture. For this reason, there are two main forms of written translation that a company must obtain to guarantee its success abroad: text localization and website localization.

Trade fairs usually require each company to have a physical stand where they can offer visitors demonstrations and paper materials, such as flyers, product catalogs and brochures. Well, the contents of these materials must be linguistically adapted to the country and the target audience. It is standard practice to provide a bilingual option: the localization of texts must be done in the target language and in English – the vehicular language par excellence in the business field. The original website must also be translated and localized into the local language and into the Anglo-Saxon language. Through careful localization of the website, the thus combined and conformed solution of the site will be able to enthuse the user while browsing the net.

Don’t forget that the goal is to excite your target audience, make them feel comfortable and build their loyalty. Some studies show that a network user is more inclined to visit a site only if translated and localized in their own language.

Transcreation seeks to refine the process of translation and website localization and text localization. It takes into account the feelings, cultural and linguistic background of your audience, thus allowing a direct and strong contact with them.

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