Italy and France have always had very close economic relations, partly due to geographical proximity and partly due to cultural proximity. In 2021, trade between the two countries was around 92 billion euros, with a positive balance for Italy of 13.6 billion euros.

Italy confirms itself as France’s third supplier and second customer, with Italian exports even exceeding pre-Covid levels, standing at around 53 billion euros, for an overall increase compared to 2020 of around 7.5 billion EUR. As regards Italian imports from France, however, we are talking about 39 billion euros in 2021 alone, with an increase of approximately 8 billion euros compared to 2020.

Among the main items of Italian import-export in France there are sectors such as mechanics, automotive, steel, furniture, pharmaceutical products and clothing.

Language training for company staff: an urgent need

Despite the intensity of Italian-French commercial relations, the Italian market continues to suffer from a strong linguistic gap with the rest of Europe.

Learning French represents an essential competitive advantage for all those Italian companies that intend to expand their business in the transalpine borders, but finding a solution for language training in French for company staff seems like a distant chimera.

Because it is difficult for Italians to learn French

French is often considered a difficult language, even though it is a Romance language and has many elements in common with Italian. Complex grammar, rich vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation are obstacles to overcome. However, it is necessary to examine whether this perception is a myth or not.

French presents pitfalls on multiple levels, there is no denying it, such as in the structuring of sentences which is not simple, as well as in the creation of the feminine which has various exceptions. Furthermore, it is full of those elements that are usually referred to with the expression “false friends”, which can easily mislead. These are those words which, despite having a similar pronunciation, have a different meaning (for example, affolè means “crazy” and not “crowded”).

In general, the difficulties that we Italians encounter most frequently when we try to learn French are the following:

Pronunciation: the pronunciation of words in French can be very different from that of Italian, especially regarding vowels and consonants. Additionally, there are many exceptions to the pronunciation rules, so even words spelled the same way can be pronounced differently.

Verb conjugations: French has many verb conjugations, much more than those of Italian. In addition, there are many irregularities in verb conjugation, which require a good memory and a lot of practice to master.

Pronouns: French has many different pronouns, which can be difficult to use correctly. For example, there are subject, object, possessive, reflexive, demonstrative, interrogative, and relative pronouns, each with its own specific rules.

Invest in your team’s language training: this is why French makes the difference

France is one of the most visited countries in the world, with over 89 million unique visitors per year. If your business deals with tourism, hospitality or any other activity that involves international visitors, having a French-speaking team can be a great advantage in meeting your customers’ needs and improving their experience.

Investing in language training for your team is an excellent strategy for improving your business and French can make the difference in this, regardless of your sector of expertise. French is in fact one of the official languages of the European Union and one of the most important languages for international trade. There are over 220 million French speakers worldwide, and French is the second most studied foreign language after English.

If that’s not enough, know that French is the official language of many countries, including Belgium, Canada, Switzerland and Luxembourg, and of international organizations, such as the United Nations and the International Red Cross. If your business works with these countries or organizations, having a French speaking team becomes imperative for communication and the success of your operations.

LingoYou Academy’s French courses for companies: the definitive solution for staff training

LingoYou Academy offers a wide range of French courses, suitable for students of all levels, from beginner to advanced. The courses are taught by qualified native speaking teachers and use a combination of online and in-person lessons to provide complete and personalized training.

The quality of our services is recognized internationally, thanks to the excellent preparation of its teachers and the innovative and highly effective teaching methodology. The French courses are structured to meet the specific needs of each student, thus guaranteeing rapid and lasting learning of the French language.

LingoYou Academy also offers industry-specific French courses, such as French for the technology industry, tourism and medicine. These courses are designed to help professionals improve their language skills in specific fields, and are therefore suitable for those who wish to work in these fields. Thanks to the experience and expertise of our teachers, we are able to provide the highest quality and personalized training for every need.

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