Using multilingual marketing strategies can prove to be a winning move for your business abroad, managing to communicate in the language of your potential customers.

A language student will agree with me that the beauty of studying a language lies in feeling like citizens of the world, in being able to go abroad knowing that they can rely on their own linguistic skills and competences as a guarantor for effective communication.

It’s not just about survival, on the contrary. Here we talk about making a difference and giving guarantees: the ability to personalize a way of saying or a non-verbal gesture, based on who we are addressing, reveals the full understanding and awareness of the cultural and linguistic differences that separate us, at least geographically.

Communication in multilingual web marketing

Communication is the basis for a good marketing strategy even in the business field. Every day, companies study how to communicate with their customers and interlocutors, so as to build their loyalty and make them feel part of the community. It ranges from verbal to non-verbal communication, from online to offline modes. Maximum attention must be paid to every single detail of communication in the marketing strategy to be adopted.

A company that wants to expand abroad must take into account the significant share of competition favored by mastery of the mother tongue. With the right preparation of multilingual marketing, you can overturn the rules of the game and enter the international context, involving the target audience in their native language.

To shorten the distances, multilingual web marketing comes into play: being able to take advantage of the digital and technological tool, adapting online marketing contents to the destination country is more than advantageous. Using online interpreting agencies means playing smart: the interpreters and multilingual copywriting experts will be able to add value to your online marketing activity.

Localize a translation

Even if the “Englishization” effect has spread globally, translating your site page only into English is not always enough: in China for example, many people, not yet being completely familiar with the Anglo-Saxon language, may feeling uncomfortable in the digital approach with a tongue they don’t chew. On the contrary, with the contribution of a localized translation of multilingual web marketing, potential Chinese customers would be encouraged to purchase new products with strong attractive power, finding marketing content written in their language.

Consequently, each country or each target customer is a case and a reality in itself, which needs a deep and meticulous analysis.

A professional translation carried out by multilingual web marketing experts is a guarantee of conformity to the linguistic style of your potential customers. By coordinating targeted communication for every single country of interest to you in the reference language, you will be able to affirm your online visibility, even without possessing physical characteristics. Offering products to a market other than yours must fully respect the needs and requirements of the destination country.

Email marketing specialist Jordie van Rijn refers to the art of multilingual marketing as if it were a culinary art.

“It must be clear that each region has its own tastes, preferences and working methods. Some national dishes are spicy or sweet, others have a light taste. Knowing your international audience is very important if you want your emails to have a defined objective.”

We at LingoYou offer translation and interpreting services that can highlight your business on an international level, adapting your web content to the peculiarities of the country and the target language.

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