Enrolling in a foreign language course, regardless of your age, is always a great decision. Whether it’s to improve your CV or to help your children, how do you find a good teacher? The offer of professionals on the market today is truly very rich. In fact, every year hundreds of young people graduate in foreign languages ​​and start working as teachers. However, is it better to choose native speaking teachers or is a recognized Italian teacher also fine?

Native speaking teachers: who they are and why choose them

First of all, let’s clarify what we mean by native speaking teachers. A teacher is considered a native speaker not only if he is originally from a particular country, but also if he has lived there for a long time. Those who have the opportunity to spend long periods in a foreign country learn the language in a completely different way. Over time, in fact, he manages to internalize the uses and customs of the place, becoming a citizen of the country in all respects.

This translates into a completely different mastery of the spoken language than those who have only studied it from books. Language, in fact, is not a simple set of words and grammatical rules. It is something alive and deeply rooted in the local culture. Precisely for this reason, it is not enough to learn a language in the classroom, but you have to experience it first hand.

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A native speaker teacher, therefore, knows the “real” language of the place, the sayings and slang used on a daily basis. He knows how to grasp references to traditions and events, the various inflections and the very mentality of the interlocutor. Even if our native teacher is now in Italy, he will probably have maintained contact with some foreign friends. By talking to them, he will be constantly updated on new trends and will continue to train his language skills. In short, a native speaker teacher is able to speak more fluently and naturally than most recognized Italian teachers.

So why choose a native speaker teacher? Because in this way we too would have access to the same knowledge without moving abroad. We will learn not only the grammatical rules, but above all to speak the language we are studying in a more natural way. By listening to our teacher, we will learn to pronounce words correctly, getting used to less “scholastic” accents and vocabulary. Very often, in fact, those who have studied English with non-native Italian teachers come across as more fake and mechanical in conversations.

LingoYou Academy: foreign language courses tailored to you

At LingoYou, for over ten years, we have successfully dedicated ourselves to teaching and training our members. In addition to standard language courses, we offer the possibility to choose specific courses, tailored to our students. In fact, we have created language courses tailored for all ages. You will be able to choose from 10 languages, taught by over 100 professional native speaking teachers, available both on site and remotely.

Our courses are open to users looking for both basic and advanced linguistic certification, according to individual, semi-individual or collective paths. LingoYou is able to offer you a complete service, suited to your needs and commitments. Thanks to LingoYou your goals will no longer seem so unattainable!

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