Millions of people make online purchases every day on international portals. Given the convenience and vast choice of products available online, in fact, e-commerce stores have grown dramatically. If you manage a similar site, you have probably already heard of multilingual web marketing. If not, we’re here to immediately explain what it is and why you absolutely need to optimize it.

Multilingual web marketing: the importance of translations in international e-commerce

Let’s first start by explaining what multilingual web marketing consists of. When a company wants to expand its market internationally, it will have to create content in new languages. You will therefore have to worry about translating your website, your motto and advertising, so that they can also be used abroad. This operation, however, is not trivial and it is wrong to think that it consists only of a conversion from one language to another.

In fact, to ensure that a brand continues to have maximum impact everywhere, translated content must be localized. What does all this mean? That websites, ads and documents must be interpreted taking into account the cultural and semantic differences of the destination countries. All of this will obviously have to be done for every content and means of communication adopted by a company!

If you therefore want to communicate effectively on a global level, you will have to adapt your message on different channels, so as to reach users in each nation with the same force. Multilingual web marketing does just this: translating and localizing your business content to make it powerful everywhere. However, simple literal translation and localization are not enough to guarantee visibility and engagement. What else can we do then to convince the foreign market?

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The allies of multilingual web marketing: PPC and SEO translations

One of the fundamental services for advertising your products online is certainly the translation of multilingual PPC campaigns. This is a process of studying the foreign market, aimed at obtaining more clicks and conversions. In practice, through a careful study of keywords, this service allows you to create advertising campaigns capable of capturing the attention of possible customers.

A further ally of multilingual web marketing is translation from an SEO perspective. After having studied the market and the keywords of greatest interest for a country, the translation must be written “well”. In addition to localizing a text, in fact, it is necessary to ensure that it is indexed by search engines. In practice, you need to write the content in such a way that Google or Bing are able to show it among the first results on their pages. As much as a translation may be suitable for the destination country, in fact, it must be written according to precise lexical and text structure rules. It must contain, for example, the right keywords, references to other pages and related media.

As you will understand, expanding outside is anything but easy without the right tools and precautions. If you want to obtain a quality result, capable of capturing the attention and trust of the new foreign audience, it is essential to rely on an agency specialized in multilingual web marketing.

LingoYou: our services for your e-commerce

If you are thinking of expanding your e-commerce site externally, you will have understood, you will need the right tools to do so. To avoid compromising your work and losing possible clients, it is better to ask for help from a specialized agency.

LingoYou, thanks to its many years of experience, offers multilingual marketing services for all needs. Our team of linguists will make your content suitable for any context to achieve global success. In fact, we make use of the best PPC and SEO translation professionals, capable of helping your e-commerce grow internationally. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation and you’ll see, our experts will help you achieve new great successes!

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