It is now normal for companies to expand their business abroad, given that the first tool for searching for goods and services is the web and logistics services have significantly shortened product delivery times. It is therefore normal for people in the UK to purchase wines from Italy, through an Italian company website in English, without even realizing that they are making an international purchase.

But all this is possible if the potential customer feels at home from the foreign country, if what he reads and sees is familiar and easy to understand.

In the same way, texts must not only be translated to be understandable for visitors, but also for search engines, for the right keywords, to ensure that the pages of the site, products or services are visible in good positions on search engines and therefore found.

What is marketing translation and why should you use it?

Marketing translation is the process of translating your marketing campaigns and collateral into a different language (or languages). It may involve the translation of:

  • Website marketing copy
  • Post for social media
  • Presentations
  • Press releases
  • Product packaging
  • Product descriptions
  • Posters
  • Brochures and any other marketing related materials.

While companies often undertake marketing translations to enter new markets in different geographies, this is not necessarily the case. As long as you are translating your marketing into another language, this is still a marketing translation. Even if your newly translated material is intended for the same local audience you’ve been serving all this time.

There are many benefits of marketing translation, such as:

Help you reach a wider audience: When you make your marketing materials available in multiple languages, more people will be able to understand them. This helps you connect with more potential customers (especially if they are multilingual or speak a different language than you).

Increase awareness of your brand: As more people interact with your marketing in their preferred language, they will learn more about your business and your offerings. In the process, you’ll be able to shape how they perceive your brand and foster greater customer goodwill.

Reduce support costs: By translating your marketing materials into a language that your target market understands, you minimize the opportunity for miscommunication. As a result, customers may experience fewer problems or misunderstandings with your products and therefore consume fewer support resources.

Improve customer satisfaction: When customers can easily understand what you are trying to tell them in your marketing materials, they will enjoy interacting with your business. They will also encounter fewer problems with their purchase, which contributes to a great customer experience.

Improve your rankings in local search results: From a search engine optimization (SEO) perspective, translating your web pages into certain languages can help them rank higher for searches conducted by users who want answers in these same languages.

How to implement marketing translation

LingoYou has developed various tools for a wide range of multilingual marketing and multilingual SEO translation services. It integrates with all website platforms, such as WordPress and Shopify, and uses a proprietary mix of machine learning translations to instantly deliver high-quality translations of website content. Over 250 target languages are supported, ranging from English to French, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic and more.

Once you’ve used LingoYou’s machine translation features to get a first pass of translation, you can further refine your translations manually. To do this, tap LingoYou’s built-in collaboration features to invite your project manager, favorite translation agency to review translations or edit directly with your team. You can also order translation services from the LingoYou dashboard, then relax as translations are sent directly and seamlessly to your translation project.

Make LingoYou the marketing translation solution for your website

With consumers increasingly spoiled for choice, your business needs a communications strategy that stands out from the rest. The key to successful marketing communication is finding the right message and spreading it using the right method and language for your target audience.

Choose LingoYou’s multilingual marketing services to present your marketing materials in your audience’s preferred languages. At the same time, communicate your brand values in a way that respects – or even enhances – the local context in which they will fit. Help your brand be perceived favorably as you venture into new markets with LingoYou.

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