Every year, more and more Italians decide to move abroad. According to the recent report on Italians abroad by Migrantes, in fact, there are as many as 5,652,080 of our compatriots residing outside Italy. A truly incredible figure which has increased by 80% since 2010.

If you are young and want to live new experiences, changing country might seem like a wonderful opportunity to grow and learn. In fact, the main reasons that push young people to expatriate are two: study and work. Maybe you want to enroll in a renowned foreign university to follow that master’s degree you’ve always dreamed of. Or, simply, you want to change your life and start from scratch away from home.

Whatever your motivation, however legitimate, moving outside remains a decision to be made with extreme clarity. Despite the enthusiasm, in fact, the language barriers you may encounter are not easy to overcome. For this reason, before leaving, it would be better to learn the foreign language of the country you are going to.

Moving abroad: why learn a foreign language

When you decide to move perhaps to England or France, you will only be able to communicate using the local language. If you don’t speak English or French well, however, you may have difficulty understanding the people you meet. From the owner of the house to whom you pay the rent to the cashier at the supermarket, even the simplest actions become complicated. If you then have to share important or medical data, even a small misunderstanding could be dangerous.

Likewise, if you move abroad to study, knowing the language will help you take courses more easily. By the time you have to take the exams, you will feel more confident and calm. You will be able to relate more easily both with your professors and with your course colleagues, making new friends. It may seem banal to you, but don’t underestimate the human relationships you will establish during your stay! In fact, feeling alone, unable to communicate with others and far from your loved ones can generate great insecurities. You may not believe it, but it is one of the main reasons why those who move then return to Italy.

And what if you’re looking for work? Again, knowing a foreign language will give you a great advantage. If you are aiming for important positions or in prestigious companies, speaking fluently will be one of the first requirements. So, if you are moving for a career, investing in a language course will be the key to your success! Otherwise… you may have to work your way up the ranks, choosing more humble or low-paid jobs.

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LingoYou Academy: our courses

Moving abroad, you will have understood, is not easy. If you want it, though, why not prepare in advance? Studying and knowing a foreign language is a fun and very useful activity, but like everything it must be approached in the right way.

At LingoYou, for over ten years, we have successfully dedicated ourselves to teaching and training our members. Thanks to many years of experience in the field, our team of experts is able to prepare you for your move. In fact, we offer a quality service with tailor-made language courses for all ages, aimed at obtaining a linguistic certification. You will be able to choose from 10 languages, taught according to innovative teaching methodologies.

Our team, in fact, is made up of over 100 professional native speaking teachers, available both on site and remotely. Our courses are open to users looking for individual, semi-individual or collective courses, perfect for all ages. If you are looking to learn the English language or take a French course, we will be able to help you by meeting your needs. Thanks to LingoYou your goals will no longer seem so unattainable!

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