In September, an event overturns and involves the whole of Milan, the fashion capital: the Milan Fashion Week.

Milan is known internationally as one of the four capitals (or “Big Four”) – now five – of fashion, together with New York, London, Paris and finally Tokyo. Every year stylists, designers and fashion enthusiasts get excited about the idea of being able to participate in fashion week.

Milan, in addition to being one of the most advanced cities in Italy from an economic and commercial point of view, manages to hold its own as the capital of fashion and design. Next week, between 21 and 27 September, numerous events and parades will liven up the main streets and venues of the Milanese city.

The fashion and luxury sector has begun to enjoy success and concentrate in the city of Milan for some time now. The fashion week was established in 1958 by the aristocrat Giovanni Battista Giorgin initially in Florence, and subsequently in 1975 in Milan. This change of location is motivated by a greater economic return and a more comprehensive extension and capacity of the city of Milan.

The fashion sector during fashion week – as for the rest of the year in reality – is a great success in Milan. The fashion capital offers spectators of the fashion shows and end consumers a vast range of products, offerings and entertainment. While the actors behind the scene, including designers, stylists, event organizers, find ways to express their passion and reach the hearts of potential customers.

Like any self-respecting language, fashion also has a way of communicating. An article, a haute couture product transmits values, messages. And so that the message reaches its destination, every single fiber of the fabric that makes up that item is woven responsibly and carefully.

When presenting a new collection, or the product data sheets available on the official online website, the contents, descriptions and indications must be presented in an exhaustive and clear manner. Events such as fashion week involve the participation of people from all over the world. Being able to communicate a message to a foreign interlocutor through a masterpiece of workmanship requires the same attention that is paid to communicating a message through specific product sheets or catalogues.

For an international audience, therefore, it is necessary to take care of marketing translations, including the translation of product sheets or the translation of the website. An automatic translation would not be able to respect the nature, the meaning, the essence of the original message. We talk about art, emotions, passion, as well as craftsmanship and professionalism.

The original message must be fully respected during the translation, and total comprehensibility and accessibility must be guaranteed. Relying on expert translators in the fashion sector will therefore not only ensure that your translation has a vocabulary and terminology that is faithful and compliant with the reference sector, but also that surplus to which the human factor alone can contribute.

A company that invests its business mainly in Milan, the fashion capital, knows how much the digital world affects brand identity and engagement from its audience. The website is a business card, which no company, activity or business can do without.

Let’s say fashion week. After a quick-but-analytical check of the program and the list of participating fashion houses, the first thing a web user would do would be to comb through the website of the fashion house he is interested in, in order to find news and updates . BUT

If the communication were to fail due to lack or incorrect correction – not granted especially when the message is aimed at an international audience – of content in the language, then the customer would abandon the site, together with the idea of visiting it again.

Marketing translations, website translation or promotional campaign translation are services that LingoYou has been providing for years to clients and companies in the fashion sector located in Milan. Our agency is spread throughout the national and international level, with a rather complex branching and specialization of languages and sectors.

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